Get to know Harding School of Theology

Harding School of Theology is a branch school of Harding University. Since 1958, we've helped scholars enrich their minds, deepen their faith and harness their leadership skills. We challenge graduate-level ministers, church leaders, and missionaries to fortify their faith and guide disciples through God's word.

The history of Harding University

Harding was founded in 1924 when two junior colleges merged into one. It operated under the name Harding College until 1979, when it was officially renamed Harding University.

Harding University is located in Searcy, Arkansas. It has 44 buildings on its 275-acre campus, in addition to the HST campus in Memphis, Tennessee. 

For nearly a century, the name "Harding" has been synonymous with theological education. Many undergraduates from the main campus transfer to Harding School of Theology for graduate studies, where they further develop their faith and understanding of ministry. We are honored to be part of this tremendous legacy.

HST today

Harding School of Theology has changed in many ways over the last 60+ years, but our mission remains the same. We hope to build leaders who can build communities, all through the power of Scripture scholarship and academic rigor. 

HST now offers distance learning programs, interactive online classes, intensive one-week courses on campus, and other advanced training modules. We continue to adapt to this ever-changing world, just as we will for years to come. 

You know about our past – be a part of our future! Apply online to join the HST legacy.