Certificate in Spiritual Leadership

The Certificate in Spiritual Leadership is a powerful resource for church leaders. The courses are available in distance education format, which includes on-line, one-week intensives, and one-weekend-a-month sessions.

Each course is taken for credit, so a student wishing to continue beyond this certificate for a degree will keep credits for classes in which they have received a passing grade.

Program: 21 hours

I. Core

Biblical Studies:

Take any English language Bible class

Spiritual Leadership:

BMIS 5901 – Spiritual Leadership

Congregational Ministry:

BMIN 5877 – Spiritual and Theological Formation

Counseling Skills:

BMIN 5730 – Counseling Skills

Systematic Theology:

BDOC 5400 – Systematic Theology

II. Electives

Choose Two

BDOC 5550

Ethics and Character Formation

BMIN 5873

Congregational Leadership

BMIN 5875

Ministry Roles and Relationships

COUN 6450

Multicultural Counseling

BMIN 5883

Managing Conflict in Ministry

BMIN 5990

Advanced Theological Research

Please see the Certificate in Spiritual Leadership in the catalog for a full description of the program and additional requirements.

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