Academics at Harding School of Theology

Harding School of Theology offers premium graduate-level seminary studies to equip ministers, church leaders, scholars, and theologians to lead in their communities. 

Our curriculum includes Biblical research, Christian history, leadership training, multicultural ministry, advanced Scripture analysis, and much more. Engage in thought-provoking discussions with your classmates while developing your natural talent to guide others.


HST offers in-person classes and distance learning

Education in the modern world demands flexibility. This is why Harding School of Theology provides several learning formats:

HST Live

Real-time classroom experience from your computer, including a live instructor and opportunities for class discussions.

Standard online classes

On-demand classes available fully online.

Hybrid course setups

A combination of in-person courses and distance learning that gives students the best of both worlds.

Traditional classes on campus

Attend courses at our Memphis, TN campus to meet with peers and professors in person.

One-week intensive courses

This setup requires one full week of attendance on campus, along with supplemental work from home before and after. The course lasts a full semester, but in-person studies are limited to one week. All summer courses at HST are in this format.

Not sure which option is right for you? Contact us to request information or to speak with an academic advisor for guidance.


Practice ministry during your graduate studies

HST caters to working professionals. Our founders chose the Memphis campus location because of its proximity to a major airport. They wanted working ministers to access fulfilling theological scholarship, and that mission remains today. 

Many of our graduate students work as they study, whether it's for a full doctoral degree or a learn-as-you-go certificate program.


Degrees and courses at Harding School of Theology

HST academic programs include three master's degrees, one doctorate, and one 21-hour certificate program. Select courses are available for audit, and all of our degrees are accredited by the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools.


How to apply

Want to become an HST scholar? Ready to enhance your ministry skills, deepen your faith and refine your theological understandings? Apply online to join our community.