An Isaiah Christmas with Dr. Lance Hawley

There are several passages in Isaiah that are common to hear at Christmas – and some that aren’t. In this three video set, Dr. Lance Hawley, professor of Old Testament, shares his thoughts about an Isaiah Christmas.

Part 1: Isaiah 7.14

Part 2: Isaiah 9:6-7

Isaiah 28:29 – The LORD is “wonderful in counsel and excellent in wisdom.”

“Mighty God” also occurs in Isaiah 10:21 with clear reference to the LORD (YHWH)

Part 3: Isaiah 60

For more information about the Apadan Reliefs and Persepolis that Dr. Hawley mentions, check out this video:

Lance Hawley (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 2016) is an Assistant Professor of Old Testament and biblical Hebrew. His research focuses on the book of Job and Hebrew poetry.

Before joining the HST faculty, Lance served as a church planter in Madison, WI for ten years. He has a passion for the spiritual formation of missional communities.

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