Lessons from the School of Quarantine

Dr. Matt Carter and his dad Jim Carter (elder, Campus View Church of Christ) share three lessons we can learn from the school of quarantine.

This was recorded as a devotional for Campus View. We lightly edited it to make it more widely applicable. Key take-aways:

  • The Passover (Exodus 12): The Israelites were quarantined in their homes – anyone outside died. But while they were stuck inside, God was doing a mighty work outside.
  • “Doubting” Thomas (John 20:24-29): Jesus met the disciples where they were in their doubt and fear and greatly increased their faith.
  • Pentecost (Acts 2): God’s people emerged from their isolation empowered by the Holy Spirit and God used them to change the world!

Jim Carter, elder at the Campus View Church of Christ, has long been known as an excellent Bible teacher. He and his wife Sue are also renowned in the church community for their generosity and hospitality. The Carters became a part of Campus View when Jim was in law school, and they helped establish the congregation’s campus ministry at the University of Georgia. Jim continues to practice law.

Dr. Matt Carter previously served as Director of Admissions at HST. He spent many years in campus ministry before coming to the school. Matt’s current research focuses on the area of spiritual gifts and how churches can help Christians find their fit in the congregation. See the One Body Workshop website for more information.

Harding School of Theology, a graduate school of theology (seminary), has provided ministry training in Memphis, TN since 1958. Accredited by the Association of Theological Schools, and offering degree programs at the master’s and doctoral levels, HST equips Christian leaders to higher standards of ministry scholarship and challenges them to a deeper faith in God. Combining academic rigor and interpersonal connections, HST emphasizes student engagement in ministry as they study. HST is associated with Churches of Christ, is part of the Stone-Campbell Movement, and is part of Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas.