Russ Turman and Bob Turner – Video Production for Worship

Russ Turman, Media Minister at the Highland Church of Christ in Memphis, talks with Bob Turner about his workflow and some of the equipment he uses.

Russ has made several videos for HST over the years, which you can see on .

Here are Russ’s notes about the gear he uses:

I realize this equipment list looks overwhelming when I lay it all out. This was all purchased over time during the past 10 years and can be done in stages, especially the lenses.

  • Video Editing Software- Apple Final Cut Pro
  • Camera A- Canon EOS R
    I love this camera. Paired with the Canon 24-105mm IS lens it works as a great video camera and takes amazing photos. We use this camera during service, at church events, youth events, etc. Perfect to produce video and pics for social media as well as testimonial videos to use during service.
    • Camera B- 70D Discontinued- replaced with Canon 80D/ Canon 90D I used the 70D as my “A Camera” for 7 years.
  • Lenses Russ recommends:
    • Canon 50MM 1.8 “The Nifty 50”
      Great starter lens.
    • Canon EF-S 17-55 2.8 IS Mid Range Zoom
      Great all purpose lens.
    • Canon EF-S 10-24 3.5 Super Wide Angle Lens
      Gets unique wide shots. I use this lens all the time at youth and children events.
    • Canon EF 70-200 2.8 IS Telephoto Zoom Lens
      The most expensive lens of the group but my favorite lens for church use. Gets great images from a long way away. Perfect for events.
  • Shotgun Mic for Studio Videos – Sennheiser MKH 416
  • Mic Converter: Beachtek XLR Converter
    You will need something like this device to get the shotgun mic connected to a DSLR camera
  • Lapel Mic for Videos on location- Sennheiser G4 Wireless Lapel
    • Alternative Cheaper Lapel Mic used- Tascam DR-10L (Records directly to device: must be synced in video editing software)
  • Lighting Kit used: Lowel Pro Two Light Kit

    This is a really cheap light kit, but I’ve used it for 14 years and it gets the job done. I have used these lights on location and in the studio. After 14 years they are literally falling apart. Be warned – the lights get very hot. LED lights might be a better option.

  • Tripod used- Manfrotto 502 Video Head and MT190X3 Tripod

Russ Turman is the media minister at the Highland Church of Christ in Memphis. Russ is a lifelong Memphian who grew up at Highland and has been working at Highland since 2010. Russ enjoys making videos and using technology to help others connect with God. He loves capturing inspiring moments and stories, and sharing them in the name of Jesus. Russ is married to Amy and they have three boys, Cooper, Jack, and Tuck.

Bob Turner, HST Library Director, preaches twice each month at the Church of Christ at White Station in Memphis. He has been with HST since 2009. He publishes a newsletter of curated resources for ministers called Footnotes. Subscribe here.

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