God Finishes What He Starts – Dr. Carlus Gupton

Dr. Carlus Gupton provides an encouraging word from Philippians 1:3-8. The Apostle Paul is writing to people who are feeling disappointment. How should they handle it?

  • God finishes what He starts! (verse 6)
  • God doesn’t abandon us when the story becomes embarrassing.
  • God recognizes that each of us is in a different stage in the process.
  • God’s verdict on people and on circumstances is that they are always salvageable.

Louis Armstrong, What a Wonderful World

Dr. Carlus Gupton is a Professor of Ministry at HST and co-directs our Doctor of Ministry program. He began preaching at an early age, and has over 30 years of professional experience in ministry for congregations small and large. For the past twenty years, Carlus has maintained an active schedule of consulting, coaching, and intentional interim ministry, having worked with over 100 churches and organizations. He has been with HST since 2014 (adjunct 1997-2013).

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