Gupton Site Helps Church Leaders Live and Lead More Effectively

Church leaders need help finding the best resources as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Ministers build libraries not as a hobby but to have the right tools in hand when needed. Elders, deacons and ministry leaders may not acquire big collections but still often need help finding the best titles on various subjects.

Often, however, it is difficult to find the right tool. With so many books in print, how do you choose the best one? How does this one compare to that one? Is there a guide? Also, time is at a premium. It may take hours to read through the online reviews, and Amazon’s recommendations may be unrelated to your needs. What about expense? If you find the right text, where is the best deal?

That is why Dr. Carlus Gupton, adjunct professor at HST, prepared

WHAT IS LIFEANDLEADERSHIP.COM? is an annotated, interactive guide to church leadership resources. More than 100 ministry resource guides are organized by topic. Each guide contains a categorized menu of books and resources, often in recommended order, with thumbnail descriptions and links to separate book pages for each title. Each book Living and Leading page features a summary and comparison to similar resources, followed by the publisher’s information and author biography. It displays a picture of the book and direct links to several online bookstores for comparison shopping. The book pages are also cross-referenced to related resources. is not a blog on the latest and greatest titles. It is current and, in most cases, will list the newer books. The purpose is not so much to feature new books as to categorize them for honest comparison with others on the same subjects. Also, the site does not review in the technical sense. It briefly summarizes and reflects on the practical benefit of each title. Finally, the site is not the final answer to every church leadership need.

Gupton says, “I do not have all the answers, but I am good at knowing where to go for what. The site puts this information into a usable format. If it helps leaders to be more effective and confident, it serves its purpose.”

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