Top Tips for First Semester Students

Here are some tips to help you get started with your graduate studies at HST. As always, you may contact Matt or Daphne in the Admissions Office with any questions. We’ll point you in the right direction!

  1. Get involved! We have lots of ways to connect and keep on top of events and happenings. Calendar. Facebook. Twitter.
  2. You’ll find your syllabus online here. Read your syllabus immediately – some things are due before you arrive on campus for intensive courses!
  3. You can get to your Harding email here. Log in and select Google Apps. This is your official school email address and official communication will come to this address.
  4. You can access Canvas, the online learning environment, here.
  5. We do not have an on-campus bookstore. You may buy your textbooks from our store. You are not required to, but it helps the school if you use our Amazon affiliate code by using our aStore or entering Amazon through the link our the textbooks page. You’ll find the textbook store here.
  6. Expect information about JumpStart, our new student orientation. It’s an event you won’t want to miss as you JumpStart your graduate school career!
  7. Register for your courses through pipeline. If you need to register for a course after the first week of the semester, email Dr. McLeod.
  8. To live on campus or stay on campus for an intensive, call or email Daphne Logan 901-761-1350.
  9. Be sure to grow spiritually! You may keep up with chapel on Twitter.
  10. If you have questions and don’t know who to ask, you may always start with Daphne or Matt in the admissions office.