Textbook Services

Click here to order your textbooks or any other items using our Amazon.com affiliate code. HST will receive a percentage of the sale whenever you purchase your textbooks through this link. We will also receive a percentage on any other purchases you make after entering the site through our link.

If a professor requires a book Amazon does not carry the professor will provide instructions on where the book may be purchased.

It is not a requirement that you use Amazon to purchase your textbooks – If you choose to use Amazon we ask that you use our link above or our aStore below.  Your purchase will benefit HST without affecting the price you pay for your book.

If you have questions about ordering text books, please email Brenda David at bdavid@hst.edu or call 901.432.7735.

Summer 2015 Textbooks

The summer bookstore is under construction. More books may be added. Check the syllabus for full reading requirements.

Spring 2015 Textbooks