Dean’s Welcome


My years of study at Harding School of Theology were worth much more than the tuition I paid. I’ll admit it took me a few years to figure that out! As I encountered new challenges in ministry, I would remember something one of the professors said in class, which gave me a new perspective on each problem. During the countless times I sat with a couple for premarital or marriage counseling, I used tools I picked up here at Harding. The role models, the formation of a philosophy for missions, and the gracious scholarships shaped my life and ministry in a very positive way. I received a great blessing from my time here.

Now I have been given an opportunity to pass on the blessing. That is why I came here to teach and the reason I accepted this administrative responsibility. I am not alone in this. We all want to equip God’s people for greater works of service. The faculty and staff all share the same passion for training in ministry. Students who pass through our classes and worship with us each day in chapel will be drawn closer to the Lord. We all seek to integrate the best biblical scholarship with real ministry challenges because it takes more than good intentions to transform lives to the glory of God.

Dr. Allen Black