Apprentice MentoringFor generations, artisans learned their trade from a master. Through hands-on learning in a focused environment, the apprentice eventually became a master. Ministry apprenticeships work the same way. The apprentice spends two years with a ministry mentor providing practical, guided experience in a real-life ministry setting. At the same time, the apprentice participates in graduate studies at Harding School of Theology.

The Program

The ministry leaders are oriented on what is expected in the program and how to effectively mentor an apprentice. The apprenticeship begins with a series of profiles to help the apprentice set realistic goals. There are specific goals set for each semester with evaluations at the end of each semester. These goals address personal spiritual growth and maturity as well as ministry skill development.

An apprentice works 20-30 hours per week in the ministry setting. Specific duties vary based on the needs of the ministry and the needs of the apprentice. Each six-month period will focus on particular skills and particular areas of personal spiritual growth. A seasoned, gifted mentor guides the apprentice, providing regularly scheduled times of reflection, evaluation, challenge, and affirmation.

The apprentice is also a part-time student at HST either on campus or through our distance education program. The ministry setting is a laboratory and a framework for theological studies; the theological studies bring meaning and insight to the ministry work.

The Degree

By integrating graduate studies and ministry experience, apprentices develop a realistic perspective on their studies and a rich theological foundation for ministry.
The Master of Divinity offers a rich skillset with a broad base of ministry and biblical studies for a lifetime of ministry. The M.A. in Christian Ministry couples academic rigor with a ministry-specific focus. The distance learning option allows students anywhere in the world to work toward their MACM. Following the apprenticeship, the student may complete the degree either in a new ministry setting or on the HST campus in Memphis.

The Opportunity

Apprenticeships are available now in different ministry areas and in different locations. Call or email for information about:

  • College/Young Adult
  • Church Planting
  • Community Outreach
  • Congregational/Preaching
  • Counseling
  • World Missions
  • Urban Ministry
  • Youth