Ministry Job Opportunities

NOTE: Churches of Christ are welcome to submit ministry opportunities for this site. At the end of three months, if the position is still open, the church may resubmit for a second three-month posting. Harding School of Theology reserves the right to edit any posting. We cannot include gender, marital status or age requirements in any posting.

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You may find additional ministry postings on the website of our parent institution, Harding University.

5/23/2016 Youth and Family Minister

The Magnolia Center Church of Christ in Riverside, California, is seeking a Youth and Family Minister who has the passion and desire to work with our growing families to help them develop a strong spiritual core in their homes. More information can found at The Magnolia Center Church of Christ in Riverside.

5/18/2016 Full time Minister

Magnolia Church of Christ in Florence, Alabama is looking for a Full time minister to preach, teach, counsel, encourage, reach out to community and enjoy our family. Position open immediately. Please contact us at Magnolia 256-767-6776 or me personally at 256-768-0400. Will sent complete Job Description, Benefits for Minister and Prospective Minister Guidelines. We are a loving, accepting family with a Sunday attendance of approximately 150. We have a caring program for our children, a very good teen group, a large young families and middle aged group, and a large ‘over 60’ group.

5/17/2016 Full time Pulpit Minister

The Okolona Church of Christ, in Louisville, KY, seeks a full time pulpit minister who is able to communicate God’s Word and mentor all age groups so that they are inspired and invigorated to live out their faith. A minister who is Biblically Focused, Spirit-Lead and in tune with God’s vision for his Church. Who is a leader with high moral character, has a servant heart, who loves and cares for all of God’s people with a Pastoral approach to congregational involvement and is willing to outreach in innovative ways and demonstrates a strong family focus. Applicants should submit application to ASAP in order to be considered.

5/17/2016 Full time Pulpit & Outreach Evangelist

The Church of Christ in Vernal, Utah is seeking a pulpit minister. Vernal is a community of (20,000?) people located in Northeast Utah. Our church family consists of (40?) members. We are looking for a doctrinally sound, evangelistically minded individual to work in preaching and teaching with us here. Please send resume

5/16/2016 Full time Pulpit Minister

Cole Mill Road Church of Christ in Durham, North Carolina is seeking a minister for the primary preaching and senior ministerial responsibilities in our congregation of approximately 220 members. The job position will open in January, 2017, and we hope to fill it sometime during 2017. The minister will work closely with our elders, ministry leaders, and our part-time youth and family minister.

We are looking for a minister who is passionate, dynamic, and prayerful with the capacity to work with and appeal to all ages and different cultural and racial groups, as our congregation is quite diverse in a number of respects. It is also very important that we find someone who is committed to pulpit preaching and teaching and who has a heart for service both within our congregation and our community. We would prefer someone with a Master of Divinity degree, a similar or more advanced religion degree, or else equivalent ministerial experience. Our elders and congregation have adopted a gender inclusive policy for all aspects of worship leadership, teaching classes, and providing ministry service leadership for the congregation.

If you have interest in this position or would like to discuss it further, please send an email to Charles Holton (, who is Chair of our Minister Search Committee. You can also visit our congregation website at: and our Facebook page at: our Twitter feed at:

5/11/2016 Full Time Pulpit Minister

The Hutchinson Mountain Church of Christ is looking for a Full time Pulpit Minister. Send cover letter and resume. HMCoC is a rural country church with an average attendance of 35. Contact Nathan and Lea Ramsey at

5/11/2016 Full time Youth minister

The Garriott Rd church of Christ in Enid, OK, is seeking a full time Youth Minister. For a job description or more information, please contact Rick Goben at

5/2/2016 Full time Minister

The Sunset Blvd Church of Christ is seeking a Full Time Minister to preach, teach Bible classes, and support the spiritual growth of the congregation. Learn more about the church and the psoition at

5/2/2016 Full-time Youth Minister

The Eastwood Church of Christ in Hutchinson, KS is looking for a full-time youth minister to teach and lead students in 7th through 12th grade. The youth minister should be able to plan and organize various youth activities throughout the year. Our youth are involved in Leadership Training for Christ, area-wide events, community service projects, church camps, and other church related activities. Must have a desire to build relationships among the youth and the ability to teach the bible effectively. The youth minister should have strong communication skills, be a self-starter, and have an evangelical spirit. The minister should show an interest in youth lives and a willingness to engage youth outside church functions (e.g., attend school, clubs, social activities where students are participating). Compensation package negotiable depending on qualifications and experience. Learn more about the Eastwood Church of Christ on our website at Applicants can send resumes to 2500 N. Plum, Hutchinson, KS 67502 or email them to

4/27/2016 Full time Youth Minister

The Boyd Church of Christ in Boyd, TX is seeking a Full time Youth Minister. Contact Doug Parr at (940) 393-1351 or

4/27/2016 Full time Youth & Family Minister

Pace Church of Christ in Pace, Florida is seeking a full-time Youth & Family Minister to help us build strong Christian families. Job description can be found at Pace Church of Christ Youth-Minister-Posting

4/27/2016 Full time Preaching Minister

Huntsville Church of Christ in Huntsville, TX is a congregation with usual Sunday attendance of 300-350, has 6 shepherds, 20 deacons and ministry leaders, two other full-time ministry staff members (campus & youth), several small groups, and innumerable opportunities.

Duties of the Preaching Minister include, but are not limited to:

  • Preaching, teaching, and facilitating community outreach
  • Encourage a greater sense of faithfulness and personal spiritual growth, as well as encouraging a greater sense of fellowship and community within the congregation
  • Pastoral Duties such as hospital visitation, counseling, etc.
  • Work with the Shepherds to provide leadership with short and long-term planning and implementation
  • Administration–dealing with the day-to-day needs of the congregation

The Candidate for Preaching Minister should possess:

  • Vision and demonstrated ability to plan, develop, coordinate, manage, and implement ministry
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, conflict management skills, and computer skills
  • Proven ability to work effectively with congregations, diverse individuals, and teams
  • Dynamic personality and presence in the pulpit

Cover Letters and Resumes may be sent to Wes Altom, search committee chair, at Website: Contact email address:

4/26/2016 Youth & Familiy Minister

The Central Church of Christ in Lufkin, TX is searching for a Youth & Family Minister. We welcome your application and inquiring into this position. Please visit our web site for further information and details about the Central Church of Christ Please send your resume to: Job description: Central Church of Christ

4/26/2016 Pulpit/Outreach Minister

Northern Light Church of Christ in Brooklyn, Minnesota is searching for a Pulpit/Outreach Minister. Job description can be found at Northern Light Church of Christ.

4/25/2016 Full Time Youth/Family/Pulpit  Minister

Marshall Church of Christ in Marshall, IL is searching for an outgoing minister with a heart for people and a love of preaching, teaching, and ministry. We desire a minister who has experience in working with a diverse group of people from various backgrounds. Many of our members grew up in the church, while others are relatively new believers. We have a few older members, middle aged members, and several young families with a large number of children. It is important that we partner with a minister who is ready to build relationships across this spectrum. We are a small church family who is looking to grow spiritually as well as grow into our community. We are seeking a minister who is ready to partner with our existing membership in this growth.
We currently have two elders with a large core group of members who are capable speakers, teachers and song leaders. We actively serve the community, including our local food and clothing bank, support mission efforts and support a local youth camp, with several of our members serving on its board of directors. Our women are quite capable, actively serving over the weekly bulletin, teaching program and church treasury. We send all of our camp age children (8-18) to summer Christian youth camp and have a children’s worship for our youngest members each Sunday AM.
Ideally, the candidate we seek should have experience along with appropriate education in biblical studies, preaching, or ministry. (A degree is an important characteristic to us though we would be willing to consider someone with a high level of experience and success who does not possess a degree.) The minister must be willing to live in Marshall and become an active member of our community.
• Organize and lead worship (theme, participants, events)
• Organize and lead Bible studies (group and individual)
• Follow-up (visitors, previous contacts, missing members, etc.)
• Organize and lead service projects (congregation, community, county, state)

Contact Kevin Davidson at or (812)841-6617

4/25/2016 Full time Pulpit Minister

The Okolona Church of Christ seeks a full time pulpit minister who is able to communicate God’s Word and mentor all age groups so that they are inspired and invigorated to live out their faith. A minister who is Biblically Focused, Spirit-Lead and in tune with God’s vision for his Church. A minister who is a leader with high moral character, has a servant heart, who loves and cares for all of God’s people with a Pastoral approach to congregational involvement. A minister willing to outreach in innovative ways and demonstrates a strong family focus.

Applicants should submit application to ASAP in order to be considered.

4/20/2016 Pulpit Minister

The Luling Church of Christ in Luling, TX is searching for a minister. The ideal candidate loves the Lord, knows the scripture well, is patient and kind, is willing to challenge others to grow, is motivated to seek the lost. Church website is contact Bill Watson  at for questions.

4/13/2016 Family Minister

The Westview Church of Christ in Greeley, CO is searching for a Family Minister to provide leadership of all major components of family minister of congregation and development of an outreach strategy through family ministry. Contact Terry Newton for more information.

4/13/2016 Minister

The Church of Christ in West Chester, Pennsylvania, is seeking a new minister. We are a small, self-supporting, grace-oriented church with two elders. We desire a preacher who is grounded in the Word and devoted to prayer. Large 4-bedroom parsonage. Will consider full-time or part-time. Send resume with references and audio or video of recent sermon to, or Church of Christ, Attn: Gerald Davis, 1326 Park Ave, West Chester PA 19380. Church website is

4/13/2016 Full time Pulpit Minister

St. Mary’s County Church of Christ is searching for a preacher.  Go to the website  or Preacher-Search-Advert1.docx for more information.

4/13/2016 Full time Pulpit Minister

The Oroville Church of Christ in Oroville, CA is looking for a enthusiastic christian individual that has God-given ability and resources of the congregation to see the importance of going out into the community and teaching God’s word. Contact James Logan at for more information.

4/8/2016 Full Time Minister

The Westwood Church of Christ in McMinnville, TN is searching for a minister to promote growth with relationship with the Lord, relationships with one another and outreach to the lost. For information about this job  Westwood Church of Christ.

4/6/2016 Family Minister

The Family Minister for the Mt. Comfort Church of Christ in Fayetteville, AR will work under the oversight of the elders, and with families, deacons, and ministry leaders. The minister’s primary concern is to assist the congregation in developing strong young families. Also help us to equip young adults, and husbands and wives to grow spiritually, and assist parents in raising their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. In doing so, young adults and families will have a strong sense of identity and purpose within the body, and be equipped for discipleship and outreach. contact Paul Dougan at or you can checkout the church website at http://mcchurchof

4/4/2016 Full time Director of Children’s Ministry

The Burleson Church of Christ in Burleson, TX is searching for a full-time Director of Children’s Ministry. The Children’s Director is called to help equip each family to be the catalyst of their child’s spiritual development and to help equip our Bible class teachers to provide a quality experience for the children while here at church. The Children’s Director will coordinate the children’s departments from birth through 5th grade. For more information and job description, be sure to visit our website: . Send resumes to Jim Lampley ( or Amy Lynn (

4/1/2016 Minister

Sierra Church of Christ is located in the resort town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. This town has many hot springs that are great to relax in and a lake that draws many out of the desert to a place of fishing and fun. This is also a town that desperately needs Jesus. This small church loves God and one another. If you believe that God is still working today among His people –if you are being drawn by His Spirit to serve and inspire others, while shining the light of Jesus in the real world that we live in, then we ask you to prayerfully consider coming to work with us.

Our current minister has been with us for over 9 years but are now leaving to take care of family. We are a small church, with an attendance that runs between 35 and 50. We own our building, and have no outstanding debt. We want a minister who can live here in our city and work with us to help us take God’s word to those around us. Starting salary would be $26,000 but could be increased as the congregation grows.

Please contact Danny at or call 575-640-3063 for more information.

3/31/2016 Full time Minister

Park Central Church of Christ in Port Arthur, TX is seeking an experienced, motivated, full time minister We are an active congregation of about 95-100 in a diverse community. Must have a love for evangelism and people. Skills of directing programs and outreach are needed. We are a diverse 95 member congregation that is involved with the community. Please send recent resume to the Search Committee:

Park Central Church of Christ
3901 Jimmy Johnson Blvd.
Port Arthur, TX 77642-7510

3/24/2016 Pulpit Minister

Loving Congregation Welcomes You to Central Louisiana

The Pineville church of Christ in Pineville, Louisiana is prayerfully searching for the individual God has chosen to fill the pulpit in this faithful congregation. We are a devoted group of Christians whose focus is on God and spreading His word. The Pineville congregation has been meeting since the 1950s and we have a membership who is willing to work and explore fresh ideas for community outreach. For information Pineville church of Christ

3/23/2016 Full time Worship Leader

The Broadway Church of Christ in Paducah, KY is searching for a full time Worship Leader. This is a position that will seek to develop our worship ministries to further accomplish our mission of inspiring all generations towards a growing love for Christ and others through organizing and growing our acapella congregational worship experience.


  • A heart of worship and service to God that manifests itself in a dynamic prayer life, a whole life surrendered to Christ, and a vibrant walk with Him and a life that is above reproach.
  • A biblical worldview that is committed to the authority of the Bible as God’s uniquely inspired Word and a capacity to demonstrate how a biblical worldview affects worship ministry.
  • A demonstrated musical skill in a variety of genres that speaks to multiple generations.
  • A humble heart of servant leadership that seeks to develop a team to assist in ministry tasks. This person will serve as both leader and ministry coach and would welcome working with others to plan, implement, and evaluate programs and goals.

Contact or send resume to Gary Enlow at Broadway Church of Christ 2855 Broadway Paducah, KY 42001 or

3/23/2016 Full time youth/Family Minister

Southwest church of Christ in Ada, Oklahoma is seeking a Full time Youth/Family minister  to mentor the youth of the congregation and be an example for youth and their parents. To teach classes and to provide opportunities for spiritual growth. Please visit the church’s website at for more information or contact Jack Frye at

3/23/2016 Part time Pulpit Minister

Riverwood Church of Christ is a congregation in the Inglewood area of Nashville, Tennessee. We are shepherded by four elders and have an average Sunday morning attendance of approximately 150. We are seeking a part-time pulpit minister with a love for the Lord, for His church, and for His Word. For more information, please visit our website at or call the church office at 615.228.3854.

3/17/2016 Full time Preacher

The Yazoo City Church of Christ in Yazoo City, MS is searching for a full time Preacher. A beautiful 3 bedroom home is provided in good school district. Congregation has no elders, excellent facilities paid for in great location on main highway through city, diverse membership with 50 in attendance. May contact interim preacher–John Pigg (601-842-7801).

3/17/2016 Full time Youth Minister

The Court Drive Church of Christ in Palestine, TX is looking for an energetic, encouraging and progressive full-time youth minister. The minister should be able to plan and organize various youth activities throughout the year. Our youth are involved in LTC, area-wide events, community service projects, mission work, and other church related activities. We are looking for someone grounded in the Faith who loves youth and has a strong desire to help them grow closer to the Lord and to each other. The Youth Minister must be able to work well under the guidance of our shepherds, our Minster, Youth Deacon, Parents and office staff. Compensation package negotiable depending on qualifications and experience. The church’s website is

3/10/2016 Full time Associate Minister

The Laurel Avenue Church of Christ in Hamilton, OH is looking for an Associate Minister with an emphasis on Youth and Family Ministry. See the church website for full job description.

3/10/2016 Children’s Minister

There is an immediate opening for a Children’s Minister at the Levy Church of Christ in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Requests for applications may be sent to Applications may be requested from now until April 17. Information about the position can be found at Childrens-Ministry-Job-Posting

3/8/2016 Full time Outreach minister

The Port Lavaca Church of Christ (TX) is seeking a minister to work with us on a full-time basis as an Outreach/Teaching minister. Compensation includes a recently remodeled three bedroom house valued at $650 per month and up to $2,200 pay per month depending on experience and qualifications. We expect the minister to take the lead on Local Outreach, conduct home Bible studies, and train others. The minister will teach in our Bible School program on Sundays and Wednesday on a rotational basis, to fill in for our preacher on occasion, to help organize family and youth activities on a monthly basis, to collaborate on local advertising or articles and to help in other congregational activities such as Vacation Bible School and Gospel Meetings. Port Lavaca is a nice coastal community in the Coastal Bend of Texas. We are approximately halfway between Houston and Corpus Christi. Our Sunday attendance is about 120. We have a very nice building right on Highway 35. We also have excellent schools. Our congregation uses the Bible as our exclusive guide in life and worship. More information can be found on our webpage: Letters of interest, questions and resumes should be sent to: Our local minister is Shan Jackson.

3/8/2016 Full Time Outreach Minister

Outreach Minister to preserve and strengthen the existing Churches of Christ in Northeastern New Mexico, raise funds for a building expansion at the Moreno Valley Church of Christ, and preach and evangelize throughout the region. For more information on the position, Moreno Valley Church Preacher-Requirements.

3/4/2016 Domestic Missionary

The 151st Church of Christ in Olathe, Kansas is searching for a Domestic Missionary to lead a domestic church plant effort in a local community with the full support of the congregation. For additional information please visit: Contact Trevor Goertzen  at (913) 439-8407 or for more information.

3/3/2016 Full time Minister

The Allen Park church of Christ in Allen Park, Michigan is looking for a minister. We are a body of followers numbering about 90, located in a suburb of Detroit. We are looking for someone to come and assist us with the work starting July 1, 2016. The minister we desire should have an evangelistic focus as well as being a good speaker. We offer a newly remodeled minister’s home. For information on the minister position, Allen-Park-Minister-Search.doc.

3/2/2016 Full time Preaching/Evangelist /Pulpit  Minister

The Endwell Church of Christ in Endwell, NY is searching for a minister of God to preach God’s inspired word with wisdom and love. You can find out more about the Endwell church on our website at The job description can be found at: Endwell-church-of-Christ-Minister-Job-Description-October-2015.jpg