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Harold Hazelip Sermon Archive


The Harold Hazelip Sermon Archive provides free access to every sermon that Hazelip preached at the Highland Street Church of Christ in Memphis. During that era, Hazelip established himself as one of the most recognized figures among Churches of Christ. This collection is a modest, yet significant, portion of Hazelip’s legacy of ministry. Access to this collection was made possible by Dr. Miley Walker, Harding School of Theology, and Highland Church of Christ.

Series Title (Date)Sermon Title   
1967 AM /PM SermonsWhy Did Christ Die?Spiritual Nature of ChristianityThe Power in Us (Eph. 3)Man's Most Needful Pursuit
By the Grace of God, I Am What I AMPsalm 51EldersSimplicity in Christ
Firm FoundationThree Crosses on GolgothaMan Who Reached for Two Worlds and Lost BothInto My Heart
You Did Well that It Was in Your Heart
1968 AM /PM SermonsNecessity of BeginningLife Under the SunCore of ChristianitySalute Thy Soul
Christian's Use of the Old TestamentDanger in Our BlessingsUnderstanding the New TestamentFour Aspects of Salvation
What Would Christ Do?New Morality (Whitehaven)The Home that Pleases GodPartakers of Other Men's Sins
On Being Saved by GraceIs It Nothing to You?Overcoming TemptationChrist in You - You in Christ
Will Good People of All Churches Be Saved? (Prob. of too many Chs.)Pride Goes Before Destruction ( God Opposes the Proud)The Resurrection GospelWhen Life Tumbles In
Developing SpiritualityElijah Under the Juniper TreeMarks of Maturity The Master's Man
MisunderstandingsLord Send MeChrist and the LostValue of the Individual (The World's Need)
What Do You Remember?Nehemiah - Victorious ServiceWhy Some Churches GrowAs Others See Us
Eyes Fixed on the EternalSatisfaction of the CrossEven So - Come Lord JesusCourts of Judgement
The Art of LivingGlory in the LordFrom Him Who Has Not (God's Law of Disuse)A Lost Generation
Confession of a FailureOn Judging OthersPurpose of the ChurchParables of Matthew 13
On Recommending Your ReligionForgetting GodMidnight Deliverance (Acts 16)My Church Preference is ...
The New MoralityHis Law in Our Hearts (Duties and Desires)Shields of BrassIf We Suffer, We Shall Reign
Parable - Woman of TekoaPut Away Strange GodsBitter Waters Made SweetGive thanks in all Circumstances
The Abundance We PossessHarvest Past, Summer Over, We're Not SavedReformation RevisitedAs Good Stewards
Has Anybody Been Saved Lately?Jesus Christ, Son of (Whose Son Is He?)All About ChristmasWhat Makes a Church Great? (Marks of Greatness)
Worship (1968)Reverence and Godly FearEnter the Straight GateWhat Happens in Worship?The Bible in Worship
Singing as WorshipBetrayed…He Gave ThanksWhen You PrayWhat Jesus Taught About Money
Spirit of New Testament Christianity
Philippians (1968)Beginning of Gospel (Phil. #1)Fellowship of Gospel (Phil. #2)Pattern of Gospel (#3)Paul's Life in the Gospel (#4)
Effects of the Gospel (Phil.4)
(Fall 1968) Basic Christian DoctrineHow Difficult Not to Believe GodIs God Dead?Is the Bible Relevant?The Case for Miracles
Problem of Human Suffering
Religious News (1968)Reformation RevisitedEcumenical Movement
(1969) Acts of the Apostles (Conversions)Stop the ChariotNew Eyes for OldWhen Felix "Communed" with Paul
Home (1969)Guideline for the HomeThe Church in Thy HouseThe Generation GapOn Two Becoming One
(1969) Older and Younger PeopleA Sermon to Older PeopleA Sermon to Younger People
(1969) Faith, Hope, and LoveFaithA Well, a Tent, and AltarLove
(1969) Old Testament - PMCreation, Fall & RedemptionGod's Chosen PeopleYou Shall Be HolyIs Your God Too Small
Halfway to the Promised LandThis Nation Under GodPioneers in a New LandMen Who Put Armies to Flight
Entreat Me Not to Leave TheeNot King, But GodTemple, Law, and WallFor Such a Time as This
The Threshold PsalmThe Shepherd PsalmDavid and His PsalmsTheme Songs of Faith
Unto the HillsAlternative to FollyGod and Outer SpaceMan's Last Word - and God's
A Song to LoveHoly, Holy, HolyFire in My BonesMourning a City
Can These Bones Live?But, If Not ...Royal RefusalsJoel, Prophet of Pentecost
Let Justice Roll Down Like WatersThe Iron RuleThe Wideness of God's MercyProblems of Urban Living
The Mills of GodMan's Doubt and God's AnswerFaith or Fashion?Temple Still Undone
Not by Might, Nor by Power
(1969) Worship
(1969) Discipleship
(1969) Becoming Christian and Chur?On Becoming a ChristianOn Continuing as a ChristianChristianity without the Church?Christianity without Denominations
1969 PM SermonsGist of the BibleHow to Interpret the BibleJesus, the Master TeacherHas Christianity Failed?
Mismated with UnbelieversSeeing God Through Our TearsNews of God from a Broken HomeReligious Recession
Later Than It's Ever Been
1969 AM SermonsRestoration MovementFour Views of LifeWitness of the SpiritsPressing Toward Goal
The Power of DecisionsThere's No Place Like HomeUnconscious InfluenceWhy Do People Go to Church?
The Lord's Supper as a SermonWhen You PrayWorship Plus ServiceThe Ordinances of the Lord
Respectable SinsBy This All Men Will KnowThe Ministry of ReconciliationFrom Doubt to Certainty
With Much of LittleLongings of the Human HeartLord, Renew Thy WorkOut of the Depths I Cry
We Wish to See JesusPersonal WorthDependent on NobodyCall to Commitment
I Couldn't Care LessBut What Have You Done Lately?God-Centered or Man-Centered?The Use of Opportunity
The Irrelevance of ChristThe Christian and the WorldThe Model PrayerThe Lord Will Provide
Guests at the Lord's Table
(1970) What Jesus TaughtWhat Jesus Taught About GodWhat Jesus Taught About HimselfWhat Jesus Taught About the Holy SpiritWhat Jesus Taught About the Kingdom
What Jesus Taught About ManWhat Jesus Taught About Marriage
(1970) Interviews of JesusJesus and the Samaritan WomanJesus and ZacchaeusJesus and Nicodemus
(1970) Seven Sayings of JesusThe Word of ConcernA Conversation Between CrossesHis Dearest Human FriendThe Fourth Word: His Anguish
A Sermon from Parched LipsSixth Word: His VictorySeventh Word: His Glory
(1970) Character Studies Our Family Tree: AbrahamOur Family Tree: JacobOur Family Tree: MosesOur Family Tree: Samson
Our Family Tree: SaulOur Family Tree: DavidOur Family Tree: Solomon
(1970) The Ten CommandmentsThe Eternal Companion (1st Commandment)A Time for Tolerance (2nd Commandment)What's in a Name (3rd Commandment)The Rest We Need (4th Commandment)
Love Begins at Home (5th Commandment)Sacredness of Human Life (6th Commandment)The Problem of Unlocked Wedlock (7th Commandment)The Dignity of Ownership (8th Commandment)
The Demand for Decision To Tell the Truth (9th Commandment)
(1970) Meet for the Master's Use
(1970) EphesiansGod's Plan of Redemption (Eph. 1)God Creating Unity (Eph. 2)God's Instrument of Unity (Eph. 3)
(1970) P.M. Problems of Christian Faith
(1970) P.M. Evangelism
(1970) A.M. sermonsOnly five Minutes MoreReady for Any Good WorksAdd to Your FaithOn Loyalty
Telling Right from WrongIngredients in Jesus' PrayersHearing What Jesus SaysAgriculture of the Spirit
Beyond the Reach of MothsDeath and LifeAll Things Have Become NewRelease from Fear
Spiritual FitnessThe Courage to say "No"The Gospel: Offer and DemandSome Things You Can't Borrow
Children at PlayChosen to Be HolyOut of Prison Our Work: Too Little of Too Much? Mary/Martha
When Loyalties Become TragediesThe Impossible DreamThe Status SeekersThe Hidden Persuaders
Age of AnxietyDrawing Near to GodRemembering Our Heritage (Restoration)My Eyes Have Seen the King (worship)
How Do You Eat?Impossible DreamCarl Breechen (1) Love
(2) Home
(1970) P.M. sermonsChanging World/Unchanging ChristPeter's Deliverance and OursRefugees from this Dying WorldThe Blood of Innocent Abel
The Torn CurtainChristianity Without MasksThe Right to Be DifferentThe Cost of Discipleship
God's Way with ManThe Problem of DeathThe Answer to Your PrayersThe Presence of God
What is God Like?Will God Forget My Mistakes? The Problem of ForgivenessWorship at Highland StreetI Saw Satan Fall
The Horizons of EvangelismGod's Outreach
(1971) Books of the New Testament The Five Books of Christ (Matthew)Powerful Son of God (Mark)The Great Physician (Luke)The Fourth Witness (John)
Man's Disorder and God's Design (Romans)Church in a Pagan World (1 Corinthians)Ministry of Reconciliation (2 Corinthians)In Christ (Ephesians)
Christ Over All (Colossians) Christian Minister (Timothy and Titus)When Men are at Odds (Philippians)
The House Divided (James)The Epistle of Hope (1 Peter)Guarding and GrowingLight, Life, and Love (1 John)
Dealing With Christian Subversives (2 John)Big Man in a Little Church (3 John)Religion vs. MoralityFire on the Earth (Revelation)
The Second Coming
(1971) Search for ChristSearch for Christ: BibleSearch for Christ (Lord's Supper & Baptism)Search for Christ: Human Need
(1971 First Principles - A.M.Real Meaning of FaithReal Meaning of RepentanceReal Meaning of ConfessionReal Meaning of Baptism
(1971) Life of Christ - P.M.Jesus' Early LifeThe Temptation (Christ's)Christ as TeacherMen Who Opposed Jesus
The Last WeekThe Trial The CrucifixionThe Resurrection
(1971) A.M. SermonsThe Miracle Worker
Forgiveness of SinsEqual to the DaysTo An Unknown GodAll Things Made New
The Stranger of GalileeLife and HopeThe Table and the BrotherPray and Don't Lose Heart
Inside or OutsideTurning Point in LifeLooking At JesusOur Dual Citizenship
The Cry of a Lonely ManThe Character of DeaconsOn Being the ChurchCross Questions
(1971) Sermon on the MountWork and WorshipsReversing Our ValuesLight & SecrecyThe Christian and the Old Order
Pray Like ThisPiling up the PerishableTrust and TranquilityPerils of Judging
Two Ways and Two Trees
(1971) EphesiansChristian Walk in EphesiansThe Christian Household (Eph. 5:21-6:9)The Fighting Saint (Eph. 6: 10-20)
(1971) A.M. sermonsYou Are the BranchesThe Power of Gratitude
(1971) P.M. sermonsBe Glad Your YouThe March of the GospelThe Tongue's MovementThe Holy Spirit and the Christian
What the Church Remembers about PentecostIf I Must BoastChristian LibertyWhatever the Circumstances
Things Which Cannot Be ShakenThe Face of Jesus Christ
(1971) Items from the NewsAll is VanityEnjoying Life NowWho Needs a Horoscope?...and God Created Woman
Keep Sober and Sane (Drugs)Transplants and Faith
(1971) Sermon on the Mount Reversing our ValuesLight and SecrecyThe Christian and the Old OrderPray Like This
Piling Up the PerishableTrust and TranquilityPerils of JudgingTwo Ways and Two Trees
Worship and Work
Life of Christ (1971)Jesus' Early LifeThe Temptation (Christ's)Christ as TeacherMen Who Opposed Jesus
The Last WeekThe TrialThe CrucifixionThe Resurrection
Search for Christ (1971)Search for Christ: BibleSearch for Christ: Lord's Supper and BaptismSearch for Christ: Human Need
(1972) Systematic Doctrine Christ CrucifiedThe TrinityThe ChurchDestiny of Man
Resurrection Makes it WorthwhileWhat the Spirit Says to the ChurchOur Ancestor, Hosea
Parables (1972)Our Seeking GodGod's Kingdom in God's WorldHearing and DoingWeeds Among the Wheat
The Unfinished TowerThe Foot of the TableForgiveness is Not CheapGod Called Him a Fool
Having a Neighbor or Being OneNot Dressed for the WeddingThe Sin of the WorldThe Cry at Midnight
Vices and Virtues (1972)PrideEnvyAngerSloth
Genesis (1972)Creation and FallCain and AbelNoahAnd Abram Journeyed On
Lot: He Wanted Things EasyThe Lord Will ProvideClimbing Jacob's Ladder
(1972) Character StudiesOur Ancestor, ElijahOur Ancestor, AmosOur Ancestor, HoseaOur Ancestor Isaiah
Our Ancestor JeremiahOur Ancestor Ezekiel Looking at JudasLearning from Simon Peter
Looking at Thomas
(1972) Jesus on Prayer, etc.Jesus on PrayerJesus on RichesJesus on Service
(1972) HomeIs Marriage on the Way Out? Can a Working Man Be a Father? The Role of Motherhood
(1972) A.M. sermonsA Glimpse of GraceThe Joy that Lies AheadDistinguishing the VoicesWhy So Many Marriages Succeed
A Good Man is Hard to FindAnother Man WithinThe Fruit of FrustrationHow Do We Know God?
Glory and Shame of the UniverseWhat Price is Membership?God is AbleA Word to Married Christians
Ten LepersReassuranceTo Forgive SinnersTaking In and Putting Out
Nothing Stays WonThe Power of ExpectationWorship and LifeNeither Are Your Ways My Ways
Singing in a Strange LandWill Your Anchor Hold?Why Be a Christian?
(1972) P.M. sermonsFreedom and ProvidenceThe Jesus MovementAnd on the 8th Day
Sight and InsightSimplicity Towards ChristFreedom and Providence
(1973) ChurchChrist's CommissionLife in the ChurchPartnership in Christ (fellowship)Images of the Church
The Lord's SupperThe Church at WorkChurch OrganizationWorship in the Church
(1973) Evidences
(1973) The SelfThe Struggle Between Our SelvesLet Him Deny HimselfThe Enemy in the SoulFruit of the Spirit
(1973) Conversions in ActsThe Purpose of ActsGod Has No FavoritesAn Opened HeartUnexpected Opportunities
(1973) Great Bible ChaptersAmazing GraceFor Me to Live Is ChristGod's Suffering ServantLife in the Spirit
Guarded by the Power of GodEveryone Who ThirstsPaul's Great PrayerProvidence:
(1973) Questions People AskA Millennium?Music?Fellowship?
(1973) WomenA Woman Whose Prayer Was AnsweredA Beautiful Understanding WomanDelilah: Synonym for DeceitMary: The Sword in the Soul
Mary Magdalene: A Grateful WomanThe Ideal WomanThy God Shall Be My God
(1973) PhilippiansPartnership in the GospelThe Man for OthersProfit and Loss What the Gospel Brings
(1973) I PeterThe Christian and the WorldSuffering, Hope and DutyThe Imitation of ChristBorn to Hope
(1973) PsalmsGod is Our RefugeWhatever Became of Sin?Life Demands LoyaltiesTruth is Our Banner
God is My King
(1973) A.M. sermonsCost & Joy of DiscipleshipAfter Your Pleasures, What? Images of GreatnessGod's Messiah
Hearsay of Experience?How Difficult Not to BelieveGod Was In ChristThe Book That Reads You
The Grass Looks GreenerGod Makes Two OneThe Making of a DisciplineBelieving in People
Like Us In Every WayThe Shepherd and His SheepWhat Mean Theses Stones?Before You Pray
The Secret of WorshipThis One Thing I DoAdam, Where Are You?Two Are Better Than One
I Sat Where They SatFaith and FearAn Ancient Cover-UpAccepting Forgiveness
The Guest of a SinnerContent with WeaknessMaturity and MaterialismOn Doing Good
The Impossible DreamPrepare for the LordI Am Not Worthy
(1973) P.M. sermonsWalk WorthilyAs Old As Methuselah?How Does One Learn to Pray?How to Handle Criticism
A Way of EscapeForgive Us...As We ForgiveThe Christian and His WorriesChristianity: Reality or Fantasy?
David's Village of BethlehemOrdering Our Days
First PrinciplesUnited in WorshipSaved by MercyJustified by Works
Titles of ChristThe Blood of the LambThe True VineLight of the WorldChrist the High Priest
Which Religion/Bible/Church?Which Religion?Which Bible?Which Church?
Sermon on the MountHappiness is... The Salt...Not the HoneyPublicity and PrivacyOvercoming Anxiety
JamesLusts and LifeMercy, Faith, WorksThe Tongue and WisdomPerseverance and Prayer
Trials and True Religion
Great Bible WordsRepentanceObedienceGraceSuffering
GalatiansAuthority for the ChristianNew LifeNot Slaves, but SonsNature of Christian Freedom
The Law of Christ
Timothy/TitusGrace and CharacterPerserve Order in the ChurchWe the Good WarfareBible in Daily Life
RevelationWhat Christ Thinks of the ChurchThe Opening of the Sealed BooksThe Eternal Warfare
The Victory of GodA New Heaven and a New Earth
Church HistoryFirst Century Church RevisitedChurch Through the AgesThe Unfinished Reformation
(1974) A.M. SermonsIs Your Heart Too SmallHow Much is EnoughHow to Read the Old TestamentHow to Read the New Testament
Restoration PrincipleThe Signs of PentecostIt Takes All Kinds
Facing DeathUntil He ComesWhat is Heaven Like?God's Love and Hell
Living This Side of ResurrectionAs Strangers and PilgrimsFollow MeThe Spiritual Nature of Christianity
What Makes a Live ChurchIs This Really the End? Keep Sane and SoberWhen Everything Seems Lost
The Art of RebukingThe Work of Our HandsSowing and ReapingWhy Did Christ Die?
The Dream that Wouldn't DieOn Being Disciples SecretlyConquerors and Then SomeThe Arithmetic of Morality
Salvation is NowThe Partnership of LoveFathers and FoundationsIs Mother's Day Over?
Honor Your Father and MotherYou Can Make a DifferencePilgrim's Progress
(1974) P.M. SermonsSigns of MatthewDemons, Demons, DemonsWhen New Life ComesThe Silence of Jesus
The Art of RebukingYou'd Better Live
(1975) Acts of the ApostlesWhat the Early Church DidWhat the Early Church SaidThe Life of the Early Church
(1975) Common Ventures of LifeMarriageBirthWorkDeath
(1975) Personality of JesusHonestyMeeknessPurityPeace
(1975) Christian Evidences
(1975) RomansThe Peril and the PowerAlienation EverywhereGod's Way of Righting WrongThe Problem of the Unredeemed
Christian Behavior
(1975) Questions People AskHow Can I Know I am Forgiven?What is the Case for Life After Death?Does God Help in Trouble?Telling Right From Wrong
What is the New Birth?True Patriotism
(1975) ColossiansChrist in ColossiansThe Work of ChristThe New Life in ColossiansThe Christian Household
(1975) Basic Principles (H.O.T. Series 7)
(1975) A.M. SermonsThe Meaning of MoneyThe Good and The BestTell Us PlainlyHe Saved Others; He Cannot Save Himself
Wax or ClayLearning to Say Thank YouWorthiness and WillingnessA Word About Praising
The Power of Negative ThinkingWho Wants to Live Forever?Jesus' Baptism and Our NeedsThe Struggle for Greatness
The Meaning of ChurchOn Church MembershipNo Other NameThe Potter and the Clay
Both...AndWho Will Tell the Children?All Is VanityKeep the Vision
Two by TwoOnce Married, Always Married?Ways of Approaching the TableSelf Fulfilling Prophecies
God, the Distant DrummerJesus Christ is the Great FactBaxterThe Authority of the Bible Today
Enter His GatesThe Challenge of GrowthFaith and DoubtThe Impact Christ Made
(1975) P.M. SermonsHow to Start a RestorationSecurity and AdventureHe Will Not Be DiscouragedIf Nader Raided Religion
The Mystery of GodlinessThe Sure SayingsDisciples AnonymousLiving in the Present
On Learning to PrayApproachability of JesusThe Two WaysThe Right, The Good, and The Happy
On Final GroundReflections on AuthorityCan We Believe in a Personal God?Can We Follow Jesus Today?
Does One Person Make a Difference?No Exit?God Owes Us NothingTotal Fitness
The Power of WordsDeveloping AwarenessThe Virgin BirthThe Word and Flesh
(1976) Voyage of LifeYouthAdulthoodThe Voyage of Life: Senior Adulthood
(1976) Restoration IdeaUncovering the WordStructure of the ChurchRecovering the Art of Worship
(1976) I BelieveDo Beliefs Matter?I Believe in GodI Believe in ChristI Believe in the Holy Spirit
I Believe in the IncarnationI Believe in ForgivenessI Believe in the ChurchI Believe in Prayer
(1976) Sermon on the MountPardon My IdealismSalt and LightPublicity and PrivacyThe Disciple's Trust
(1976) Life of Jesus Jesus' Early YearsThe TemptationJesus as a TeacherGetting Back Together
Why Did People Oppose Jesus?Face set Toward JerusalemGethsemane and the Trial
(1976) Church LeadershipReflections on Church LeadershipQualities of Deacons and WivesQualities and Work of EldersPower and Authority
(1976) Bible BooksMan, Nature, and GodYou and LifeThe Way OutQuestions from Genesis & Exodus
The Call to HolinessHalf-way to Promised LandOne Nation Under GodPioneers in a New Land
Strength Out of WeaknessThe People Shall Be My PeoplesOf God and KingThe Lord in His Holy Temple
The Teacher Sent from GodFor Such a Time as ThisDear God - Why?Powerful Son of God
The Great PhysicianThe Fourth WitnessFamous Last Words Religious Freedom
The Way of the WiseThe Song of Solomon Holy, Holy, HolyFire in the Bones
Can These Bones Live?But If Not ...The Cross of HoseaPerhaps the Lord Will Be Gracious
Gospel According to PaulChurch in a Pagan WorldThe End of HistoryYesterday, Today, and Forever
(1976) PsalmsThe Lord: Shepherd and HostTheme Songs of FaithA Mighty Fortress
(1976) A.M. SermonsThe Impossible DreamThe Gist of the Old TestamentWhat to Do with Your SinsLiving Hope
Gist of the New TestamentOn a Clear Day, You Can See ForeverLand of Beginning AgainThe Cross and Human Nature
Who Are the Poor?There Is a Lad HereDoing One ThingMore to Come
The Ongoing ChallengeOne Faith / Three SidesJesus the CarpenterThose Were the Days
(1976) P.M. SermonsThe Authority of the Old TestamentIs TM Christian?
(1977) Jesus' Life and TeachingsJesus on ForgivenessJesus on Life after DeathJesus on the FamilyJesus on Unexplained Suffering
Jesus on Human NeedJesus on the Meaning of LifeJesus on DeathJesus and His Church
Jesus and the HungryJesus and the StrangerJesus and the SickJesus and the Imprisoned
Jesus RediscoveredJesus the Prophet Jesus Our PriestJesus Our King
Jesus Our Shepherd
(1977) HomeThe Committed MarriageDo Your Hear Me?The Middle Age MarriageThe Challenge of Children
It's OK to Be SingleAdam's Other Son
(1977) A.M. SermonsThe CrucifixionThe ResurrectionLife Is TerminalI Know It When I See It
The Healthy ChristianThe Right and the PowerWhat Do You Bring to the Table?What Can We Believe about the Bible Today?
Will All the Churches Ever Unite?The Impossible DreamThe Burden of ProofThe Living God
Life, Death, and DestinyRespecting Our RootsSeated with ChristWalking with Christ
Standing with ChristRedeeming the TimeAm I Really Following Christ?Can a Person Change?
Babel and PentecostThe Power of a Symbol
God's Gift and OursThe Meaning of PrayerThe Meaning of Christ
(1977) P.M. SermonsOne World at a TimeThe Making of a MinisterThe Man at the GateThank God Whatever Happens
Self-Fulfilling Prophecies
(1977) Ethical
(1977) EvangelisticA Fresh StartThe Struggles of FaithUse It or Lose ItOn Being Accepted
Learning to HopeA Man with Part of a TruthEssentials of Church Growth
(1977) Inspirational
(1977) Church ProgramOur Life TogetherOur Worship TogetherImages of the Church
(1977) RevelationInterpreting the RevelationCentral Message of RevelationThe MillenniumThe Antichrist
(1977) PsalmsStrange DelightSweeter than HoneyGod Does Not NapOut of the Depths
(1977) Ephesians
(1978) I CorinthiansThe Problem of DivisionThe Problem of MoralityThe Problem of SecularismProblems of Worship
The Problem of Death
(1978) Philippians
(1978) Ten CommandmentsNo Other GodsThe Image of GodOn Taking God SeriouslyWork or Leisure?
How to Be ChildrenThe Sanctity of LifeWhat Should One Give God?You Shall Not Steal
A Noble Lie?
(1978) First PrinciplesCan We All Have It Our Way?The Dream of the Churches of ChristThe Sanctity of MarriageWhat to Do When Your Church Leaves You
(1978) A.M. SermonsWhen You Get Where You're Going, Where Will You Be?Problem of Unanswered PrayerHome Wasn't Built in a DayIt's Working
Barriers to BeliefTelling Right from WrongA Faith for the NationsI Saw Satan Fall
Human Drama in 3 ActsBecoming Clean AgainJesus Is ComingThe Art of Introducing
Unfinished BusinessA Case for ModestyThe Power of MemoryChrist Will be Magnified
Truth about Jesus ChristThat I May Know HimColonists of HeavenIn God We Trust
Birthday WishesSeeing or StereotypingOn Being Cast DownGuilt: Curse or Blessing?
Is the Bible Losing Out?Jesus as JudgeLove that Will Not Let GoSuperconquerors
Death by Bread AloneBorn AgainFour Faces of ChristEnough is Enough
(1979) Galatians
(1979) Church LeadersOfficials or Servants?Qualities of Christian Leaders
(1979) HebrewsSupremacy of ChristThe Work of ChristSeven Dangers in HebrewsThe Life of Faith
Yesterday, Today, Forever
(1979) Lord's SupperKnown By His GratitudeLove and Indifference
(1979) A.M. SermonsDo It Yourself ReligionWhat was the Early Church Like?Born to TroubleI Will
The Pelican, the Owl, and the SparrowAuthority for ChristiansNew LifeNot Slaves, but Sons
To Be FreeThe Law of ChristThe Heart Is Too SmallWhat Do You Mean by This?
The Rhythm of LifeRelease from GuiltLove is Something You DoThe Meaning of Pentecost
Overcoming DailyDo You Want to Leave, Too?When Jesus ComesThey Were Going Somewhere
All Things Work TogetherHow to Know You're ForgivenThe Fear that Destroys FearGifts of God's Grace
The Last Third of LifePray - and Don't Lose HeartChosen for MissionWe're Number One
The Embers of FaithThe Gift of JoyThe Unexpected Christ...Die Before Your Through
(1979) P.M. SermonsLearning from Simon PeterChristians and Jews TodayThe State of the DeadThe Tranquilizing of America
(1980) Old Testament CharactersJacob: A Strange MixtureMoses: A Man of GodSamson: A Popular HeroDavid: Man After God's Own Heart
Solomon: Wisdom & FollyElijahAmos, Let Justice Roll OnHosea, God is Love
Isaiah, God is HolyJeremiah, the Weeping ProphetAn Early Pilgrim
(1980) New Testament ChurchesPhilippi, the Joyful ChurchCorinth: The Worldly ChurchThessolonica, the ExpectantThe Church in Jerusalem
The Church in Antioch
(1980) Lord's PrayerA Father in HeavenHallowed Be They NameThey Kingdom ComeThey Will Be Done
Our Daily BreadForgive Us Our DebtsLead Us and Deliver Us
(1980) A.M. SermonsPeace with GodIs There Another Prophet?Making Moral DecisionsWhat's Right with the Church?
"Late, Late, So Late" Does Success Spoil Us?What Does Your Religion Allow?The Home Court Advantage
The Impossible DreamThe Things Which Make for PeaceAfter Work...What?To Blame or To Repent
Introducing JosephIntroducing MaryJesus: Making God Tangible
(1980) P.M. SermonsAdventure with the BibleWhen Trouble Visits a Good ManYou Shall Be HolyIn this Free Land
Men to Match the MountainsDeep Writ Upon the Human HeartPraise to the Living GodDoes Life Make Sense?
The Resurrection CommandThe Personality of JesusSinging in a Strange LandLaw, Temple, and Wall
The Simple Life
(1981) Systematic Christian DoctrineWhy Believe in God?Man in RevoltUnderstanding the TrinityChrist Crucified
The ChurchJudgment and the New CreationThe End of Man
(1981) Family On Two Becoming OneToday's Parenting ChallengeThe Fractured FamilyHonor Thy Mother
(1981) The Church
(1981) Life of JesusJesus' Early YearsJesus' Baptism & TemptationDealing with RejectionThe First Twelve
Daring to BelieveDiscipleship in LukeStewardship in LukeFace Set Toward Jerusalem
(1981) RevelationLetters to the 7 ChurchesThe Book with Seven SealsSounding the 7 TrumpetsThe Woman and Her Enemies
The Fall of Babylon
(1981) A.M. SermonsWe Know in PartGod in the MidstOur Struggle with the FleshThe Spirit's Fruit
The Power of ExpectationUnderstanding His WordThe Woman at the WellThe Good Shepherd
The Man Who Came by NightTaking Scripture SeriouslyUmbrella or Pyramid?Sunday Morning
Free at LastFinding the OriginalRe-examining Old DecisionsGrace and Obedience
What is Your Treasure?Our Faithful GodThe GiftLife Without Limits
A Package from HomeGivers and TakersIn Clay PotsGrowing New in Christ
(1981) P.M. SermonsMaking DisciplesHow Do You Eat?A Pew for One, PleaseThe Role of Women
To See or Not to SeeWe Keep On ConqueringKnowing Who We AreWhy Did Christ Die?
(1982) ConversionsConversion (Eunuch)Conversion (Cornelius)Conversion Lydia
(1982) Ephesians
(1982) Jesus on ...Jesus on PrayerJesus on MoneyJesus on Service
(1982) Summary of BibleIntroducing the Old TestamentIntroducing the New Testament
(1982) A.M. SermonsGod's Purpose: UnityGod Creates UnityThe Ideal and the ActualTrust God, Not Feelings
God's New SocietyThe Tragedy of Peter PanNew RelationshipsThe Panoply of God
God Cannot Be MockedPlaying Only One HandLife Full of HopeHow God Changes Us
Afraid of God?Strength for DaysA First-Hand ReligionGod and Caesar
In Search of EaseAs Working for the LordThe Context of DisciplineGrowth or Burnout
(1982) P.M. SermonsScience and ReligionThoughts on RestorationDoing One Thing
(1983) A.M. SermonsWords for the Weary (Isaiah 40: 27-31)Antioch: Jews/Gentiles OneRelating Christ to Truth-Seekers
(1983) P.M. SermonsRejoice in the Lord (Habakkuk 3: 17-19) - Making Ethical Decisions God with Us (Matthew 1: 18-25)
(1984) A.M. SermonsHe Destined Us in LoveThe Bread and the Body (1 Cor. 11: 23-26) Hebrews 13Making a Good Marriage Better
You Can Make a DifferenceThe Depth of ChristThe Man Called Jesus
(1984) P.M. SermonsThoughts on Suicide (Acts 1: 15-20)Don't Die Before You Live (John 20: 30-31) Apocalypse NowIf I Were Starting My Family Again
Lest We Forget
(1985) FamilyHow to Discuss God in Your HomeTime for a Marital Check-Up?What Teenagers Need MostDealing with Family Crisis
Words Spoken in Anger
(1985) Becoming a Christian
(1985) Psalms
(1985) The FutureBuying Options in the FutureHope for the Future
(1985) A.M. SermonsFaith as SurrenderThe Good ConfessionThoughts about a ThornPoverty in Abundance
The Tragic WeekChurch at EphesusGuests for the SupperThe Ministry of Encouragement
How He Swore to the LordBrothers Dwelling in UnityWhat Jesus Began to Do and TeachBirthday of the Church
I Make All Things NewRebirth of a PersonA Call for EnduranceThe Spirit of Adventure
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The Lord Is Thy KeeperA Service of PraiseThe Covenant The Promise
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Why Am I Here?
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Why Aren't Families Close Anymore?