Campus Ministry

Students from the Christian Student Center at the University of Memphis pose on retreat. The ministry is led by HST students serving as apprentices and HST alumni.

Collegiate and young adult ministry is a vital mission of the church both to those navigating the passage between childhood faith and adult faith and to those who have never heard or believed the Gospel message. Indeed, with thousands of international students on US campuses, world missions is truly at our doorstep. Collegiate mission work is where the church extends itself to the campus or marketplace reaching out to students and other young adults in their environment with the good news.

Students are comfortable moving in the world of academics and often seek answers to questions that call for research on an academic level. Campus ministers need to be ready to walk that path with their students. The Master of Divinity offers a rich skillset with a broad base of ministry and biblical studies for a lifetime of ministry and leadership. The M.A. in Christian Ministry is an alternative coupling academic rigor with a practical, ministry-specific focus. The distance learning option allows students anywhere in the world to work toward their MACM without moving to Memphis, and works well in conjunction with a campus ministry apprenticeship.

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