An auditor takes a course, but does not receive a grade or academic credit. Some auditors will read all of the assigned texts and even take the exams, others will simply come to the class meetings to hear the lectures. If you are interested in auditing a course at HST, here are some important things to know:

  • Some courses require specialized knowledge or prerequisites. Therefore, not all courses are open to auditors.
  • The cost to audit a course at HST is $100 per credit hour. Courses are typically three credit hours.
  • Alumni of HST may audit one course per semester for the reduced rate of $125 per course.
  • The spouse of a current HST student may audit one course per semester for a reduced rate of $25.
  • The church audit program welcomes members of supporting churches to audit selected courses each semester at the reduced rate of $25 per course.
  • Priority is given to students enrolled for credit. If a course has a limited enrollment, auditors may not know until the course begins if they will be able to enroll.

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