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Steve Davis: The Happiness Test

June 30, 2014 | Written by Matt Carter

Katie, Lyne, and Steve Davis

Katie, Lyne, and Steve Davis

Steve Davis earned the M.Th. degree in 1982 from what was then Harding University Graduate School of Religion. He served churches as a minister and a youth minister and taught for 20 years at Redland Christian School and Tropical Christian School in Miami, Florida. In September, 2013, Steve was killed in a car wreck which left daughter Katie seriously injured. Recently, Steve’s wife Lyne, along with Katie, dropped by HST. Lyne wanted to share her appreciation for the experience they had at HST and her appreciation for how their time here in Memphis prepared them for ministry in ways that neither she nor Steve ever expected.

She also left with us the last article that Steve wrote, and gave us permission to share it with our online community. Here is Steve Davis’ The Happiness Test.

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New Website Launched

August 19, 2011 | Written by Matt Carter

Along with the new name Harding School of Theology, the new website hst.edu was launched August 19, 2011.

Built from the ground up by T&S Web Design, the new site incorporates a structure similar to the older hugsr.edu, but the new site is built on newer technology and a fresh design.

One new feature of hst.edu is the blog, which allows the newest stories appear on the home page, but also allows easy reading (and access from search engines) on the blog page.

As a matter of fact, the blog is so useful, you are reading it now! Enjoy!

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