Class Schedule and Syllabi

Course Schedules:

Fall 2016 Fall 2017
Spring 2017 Spring 2018
Summer 2017 Summer 2018

The syllabus is linked to the course title when available.

*Courses offered both on campus and to distance students through our Live Interactive Video Education have two CRNs. Students attending online should register using the CRN for the LIVE listing. Students attending in the physical classroom should register using the CRN for the CAMPUS listing.

Summer 2017

 June 5-July 15, 2017         
June 5-105990 Adv Theol RsrchTurner41721
CAMPUS5730 Counseling SkillsGray41722
LIVE5730 Counseling SkillsGray41738
5754 Human Sexuality and Sex TherapyShelby41723
June 6-8; 9-265020 Archaeology of the Bible
(Tu-Th; then in Israel)
June 12-175030 Old Testament TheologyYoungblood41725
5877 Spiritual Formation for MinistryGupton41726
June 19-245780 Group CounselingGray41727
CAMPUS5230 Basic NT ExegesisBlack41728
LIVE5230 Basic NT ExegesisBlack41739
July 10-155001 Advanced Introduction to the OTHawley41729
5410 Theological HermeneuticsHicks41730
TBA5701 Apprenticeship in Ministry 1Gupton
5702 Apprenticeship in Ministry 2Gupton
5703 Apprenticeship in Ministry 3Gupton
5704 Apprenticeship in Ministry 4Gupton
5705 Apprenticeship in Ministry 5Gupton
5706 Apprenticeship in Ministry 6Gupton
5720 Practicum IGupton
5721 Practicum IIGupton
5790 Internship 1Shelby
5791 Internship 2Shelby
5793 Internship 3Shelby


Fall 2017

 Fall 2017 Semester           
August 21 - December 8, 2017
8:15 -10:55am5400 Systematic TheologyPowell95311
HST LIVE5400 Systematic TheologyPowell95312
5201 Adv Intro NTBlack95313
HST LIVE5201 Adv Intro NTBlack95314
1:00-3:45pm5320 Greek ReadingsOster95316
HST LIVE5320 Greek ReadingsOster95317
5730 Counseling SkillsGray95318
HST LIVE5730 Counseling SkillsGray95319
6:00-8:45pm5060 Wisdom LiteratureHawley95320
8:15 -10:55am5601 Early and Medieval ChurchPowell95322
HST LIVE5601 Early and Medieval ChurchPowell95323
Not HST LIVE5990 Adv Theol RsrchTurner95324
1:00-3:45pm5100 Hebrew ReadingsHawley95325
HST LIVE5100 Hebrew ReadingsHawley95326
5310 Elem Greek 1Oster95327
HST LIVE5310 Elem Greek 1Oster95328
6:00-8:45pm5840 Preaching from OTBland95329
HST LIVE5840 Preaching from OTBland95343
8:15 -10:55am5810 Sermon Dev & DelBland95331
HST LIVE5810 Sermon Dev & DelBland95332
HST LIVE (Only)5090 Hebrew I (No on-campus students)Hawley95333
5520 Faith and ReasonPowell95334
HST LIVE5520 Faith and ReasonPowell95335
1:00-3:45pm5910 Global EvangelismHuffard95336
HST LIVE5910 Global EvangelismHuffard95337
Not HST LIVE5210 NT WorldOster95338
HST LIVE + Online5640 Stone-Campbell MovementBerryhill95339
HST LIVE (Friday 9:30-11:30 AM)
Online + HST LIVE5873 Missional Leadership StrategiesGupton95340
HST LIVE Tuesday 6 PM (4-5 times; see syllabus for dates)
Online + HST LIVE5874 Ministry Call and ContextGupton95341
HST LIVE Thursday 6 PM (4-5 times; see syllabus for dates)
D.Min. Seminar
Oct. 3-107500 Wisdom and Character FormationBland95388
TBA5701 Apprenticeship in Ministry 1Gupton
5702 Apprenticeship in Ministry 2Gupton
5703 Apprenticeship in Ministry 3Gupton
5704 Apprenticeship in Ministry 4Gupton
5705 Apprenticeship in Ministry 5Gupton
5706 Apprenticeship in Ministry 6Gupton
8010 D.Min. Continuation FeeBland
8001 Dissertation ProjectBland
5720 Practicum IGupton
5721 Practicum IIGupton
Church Audit
6:00-8:45pm5060 Wisdom LiteratureHawley


Spring 2018

 Spring Semester 2018           
Jan. 16-May 11, 2017
8:00-10:55am5555 Sem: Revelation and ScripturePowell
5001 Adv Intro OTHawley
1:00-4:00pm5321 Adv NT ExegesisBlack
6:00-9:00pm5270 Bk of Revelation (church audit)Oster
8:15 -10:55am5602 Reformation and Modern ChurchPowell
5901 Spiritual LeadershipHuffard
1:00-3:45pm5130 Hebrew PoetryHawley
5311 Elem Greek 2Oster
8:15 -10:55am5091 Hebrew IIHawley
5830 Biblical PreachingBland
1:00-3:45pm5340 Sem in Paul's Prison LtrsOster
OL5875 Min Roles and RelationshipsBland
Hybrid5874 Min Call and Context Gupton
HST LIVE Thursday 6 PM (4-5 times; see syllabus for dates)
INTENSIVESSpring Intensives Will Not Be Available via HST LIVE
January 8-137xxx Ministry in Context (1 hour) (D.Min. only)Turner/Gupton
March 5-105990 Adv Theol RsrchTurner
5000 OT SurveyHawley
5883 Managing Conflict in MinistryGupton
TBA5701 Apprenticeship in Ministry 1Gupton
5702 Apprenticeship in Ministry 2Gupton
5703 Apprenticeship in Ministry 3Gupton
5704 Apprenticeship in Ministry 4Gupton
5705 Apprenticeship in Ministry 5Gupton
5706 Apprenticeship in Ministry 6Gupton
8001 Dissertation ProjectBland
5720 Practicum IGupton
5721 Practicum IIGupton
7xxx Contextual Theol & Strategies (weekly LIVE) (D.Min. only)Huffard
Church Aud
Mon 6-9pm5270 Bk of RevelationOster


Summer 2018

 Summer 2018 Schedule           
Summer Intensives Will Not Be Available via HST LIVE
June 4-95990 Adv Theol RsrchTurner
5060 Wisdom LiteratureHawley
June 11-165232 Gospel of JohnBlack
5550 Ethics & Char FormationPowell
7xxx Pathways of TransformationGupton
July 9-145442 Theology in the Stone-Campbell MovementHicks
5875 Ministry Roles and RelationshipsGupton


Spring 2017

 Jan. 17-May 12, 2017         
8:00-10:55am5001 Adv Intro to OTHawley15211
LIVE5001 Adv Intro to OTHawley15212
LIVE5752 Marital TherapyShelby15213
1:00-4:00pm5311 Elem GreekOster15217
5785 Adv Sem in Coun DvlpmntGray15214
5901 Spiritual LeadershipHuffard15215
LIVE5901 Spiritual LeadershipHuffard15216
8:15 -10:55am5830 Biblical PreachingBland15218
LIVE5830 Biblical PreachingBland15219
LIVE5760 Family DevelopmentShelby15220
1:00-3:45pm5091 Begin Hebrew 2Hawley15224
5741 PsychopathologyRogers15221
5200 Survey of NTOster15222
LIVE5200 Survey of NTOster15223
8:15 -10:55am5874 Ministry Call & ContextGupton15225
LIVE5874 Ministry Call & ContextGupton15226
5730 Counseling SkillsGray15227
LIVE5730 Counseling SkillsGray15228
LIVE5731 Counseling Skills PracticumGray15229
1:00-3:45pm5321 Adv NT ExegesisBlack15230
LIVE5321 Adv NT ExegesisBlack15231
6:00-8:45pm5082 IsaiahHawley15232
OL5311 Elementary Greek 2Burr15233
5875 Ministry Roles & RelationshipsBland15234
March 2-97880 Leadership Development (D.Min. only; Thur-Thur)Huffard15235
March 6-115261 Galatians & RomansOster15236
LIVE5261 Galatians & RomansOster15237
5602 Reformation & Modern ChurchStanglin15240
5990 Adv Theol ResearchMeredith15241
5873 Missional Leadership StrategiesGupton15238
LIVE5873 Missional Leadership StrategiesGupton15239
MONTHLY5920 Multicultural MinistryHuffard15242
Jan. 20-21, Feb. 17-18, Apr. 7-8
Chicago EXT5883 Mng Conflict in MinStaten15243
Jan 20-21, Feb 24-25, Mar 1 - Apr 1
TBA5701 Apprenticeship in Ministry 1Gupton15244
5702 Apprenticeship in Ministry 2Gupton15245
5703 Apprenticeship in Ministry 3Gupton15246
5704 Apprenticeship in Ministry 4Gupton15247
5705 Apprenticeship in Ministry 5Gupton15248
5706 Apprenticeship in Ministry 6Gupton15249
5790 Internship in CounselingShelby15250
5791 Internship in CounselingShelby15251
5793 Internship in CounselingShelby15252
5720 Practicum IGupton15253
5721 Practicum IIGupton15254


Fall 2016

 Aug. 15-Dec. 9, 2016         
8:15 -10:55am5400 Systematic TheologyPowell92011
SLIC5732 Foundations in CounselingShelby92012
1:00-3:45pm5310 Elementary Greek 1Oster92013
5350 Seminar in the Synoptic GospelsBlack92014
SLIC5350 Seminar in the Synoptic GospelsBlack92015
7 meetings
6030 Liberation TheologyPowell92156
SLIC5772 Testing and AssessmentsGray/Suddeath92016
8:15 -10:55am5601 Early and Medieval ChurchPowell92017
SLIC5751 Theories of MFTShelby92018
1:00-3:45pm5090 Begin Hebrew 1Hawley92019
5730 Counseling SkillsGray92020
SLIC5730 Counseling SkillsGray92063
SLIC5731 Counseling Skills PracticumGray92021
6:00-8:45pm5220 NT TheologyOster92022
8:15 -10:55am5100 Hebrew ReadingsHawley92023
5990 Advanced Theological ResearchTurner92024
1:00-3:45pm5320 Greek ReadingsOster92025
5810 Sermon Dev and DeliveryBland92026
SLIC5740 Theories of Personality & Counseling Shelby92052
OL5310 Elementary Greek 1Burr92027
5550 Ethics & Character FormPowell92028
5874 Ministry Call & ContextGupton92029
5810 Sermon Development & Delivery (includes limited use of SLIC)Bland92030
Hybrid 15640 Stone-Campbell MovementBerryhill92031
Meeting on campus Sept. 2-3
SLIC5350 Seminar in the Synoptic GospelsBlack92015
See schedule5730 Counseling SkillsGray92063
above for days5731 Counseling Skills PracticumGray92021
and5732 Foundations in CounselingShelby92012
meeting times5740 Theories of Personality & Counseling Shelby92052
5751 Theories of MFTShelby92018
5772 Testing and AssessmentsGray/Suddeath92016
Oct. 10-155060 Wisdom Literature Hawley92032
5883 Managing Conflict in MinistryGupton92033
Oct. 11-187120 Contemporary Homiletics (D.Min. only)Bland92034
Chicago EXT5400 Systematic TheologyPowell92035
5400 Systematic Theology - auditors92134
Sept. 2-3, Oct. 14-15, Nov. 11-12
TBA5701 Apprenticeship in Ministry 1Gupton92041
5702 Apprenticeship in Ministry 2Gupton92042
5703 Apprenticeship in Ministry 3Gupton92043
5704 Apprenticeship in Ministry 4Gupton92044
5705 Apprenticeship in Ministry 5Gupton92045
5706 Apprenticeship in Ministry 6Gupton92046
5790 Internship in CounselingShelby92047
5791 Internship in CounselingShelby92048
5793 Internship in CounselingShelby92049
5720 Practicum IGupton92050
5721 Practicum IIGupton92051


Summer 2016

 Summer Schedule 2016  
June 6 - July 16
The standard schedule for intensives is as follows:
Mon-Friday8:00 - 10:55 AM
1:00-4:00 PM
Sat8:00 - 12:00
June 6-115990 Adv Theol ResearchMeredith43740
5875 Ministry Roles & RelationshipsGupton43741
5060 Wisdom Literature (MAC Students Only)McMillion43742
June 13-185730 Counseling SkillsGray43743
5201 Adv NT IntroductionBlack43744
June 16-23 (Th to Th)7300 Mng Change, Conflict, & Crisis (D.Min. only)Gupton43745
June 20-25 (M-Sat)5400 Systematic TheologyPowell43746
July 11-165774 Multicultural Counseling Shelby43747
5040 PentateuchHawley43748
TBA5701 Apprenticeship in Ministry 1Gupton43751
5702 Apprenticeship in Ministry 2Gupton43752
5703 Apprenticeship in Ministry 3Gupton43753
5704 Apprenticeship in Ministry 4Gupton43754
5705 Apprenticeship in Ministry 5Gupton43755
5706 Apprenticeship in Ministry 6Gupton43756
5790 Internship in CounselingShelby43757
5791 Internship in CounselingShelby43758
5793 Internship in CounselingShelby43759
5720 Practicum IGupton43760
5721 Practicum IIGupton43761


Spring 2016

 Spring Semester 2016  
January 19 – May 13
Weekly CoursesCRN
8:00 AM5001 Adv Intro to Old TestamentHawley11681
5750 Systems and Communication TheoryShelby11682
1:00 PM5321 Adv NT ExegesisBlack11683
6:00 PM5735 Addiction & Violence in FamiliesTsirgiotis11685
5736 Grief, Crisis, and Trauma CounselingTsirgiotis11686
5737 Child & Adolescent TherapyTsirgiotis11687
8:15 AM5990 Advanced Theological ResearchMeredith11688
5771 Counseling Ethics and Professional IssuesShelby11689
1:00 PM5000 OT SurveyHawley11690
5361 Seminar in ActsOster11691
4:30 PM5785 Advanced Seminar in Counselor DevelopmentGray11684
6:00 PM5550 Ethics and Character FormationPowell11692
8:15 AM5091 Beginning Hebrew IIHawley11693
5730 Counseling SkillsGray11694
5731 Counseling Skills PracticumGray11695
1:00 PM5311 Elementary Greek IIOster11696
5830 Biblical PreachingBland11697
6:00 PM5940 Missionary AnthropologyHuffard11698
Feb 25- Mar 3 (Th-Th)7220 Rev 1-3 & Contemporary Ministry (D.Min. only)Oster11699
Feb 29- Mar 55231 Gospel of MarkBlackburn11700
(Mon-Sat)5874 Ministry Call and ContextGupton11701
5602 Reformation and Modern ChurchPowell11874
Online5875 Ministry Roles and RelationshipsBland11703
5901 Spiritual LeadershipHuffard11704
5450 Contemporary Christian ThoughtPowell11705
Monthly5873 Missional Leadership Strategies
Jan 22-23, March 11-12, April 29-30
5910 Global Evangelism
Jan 29-30, Feb 19-20, April 1-2
TBA5701 Apprenticeship in Ministry 1Gupton11711
5702 Apprenticeship in Ministry 2Gupton11712
5703 Apprenticeship in Ministry 3Gupton11713
5704 Apprenticeship in Ministry 4Gupton11714
5705 Apprenticeship in Ministry 5Gupton11715
5706 Apprenticeship in Ministry 6Gupton11716
5790 Internship in CounselingShelby11717
5791 Internship in CounselingShelby11718
5793 Internship in CounselingShelby11719
5720 Practicum IGupton11720
5721 Practicum IIGupton11721
6000 Thesis in Historical TheologyPowell12019
6030 Greek ExegesisBlack12024
Church Audits
Tu 6 PM5550 Ethics and Character FormationPowell11709
Th 6 PM5940 Missionary AnthropologyHuffard11710
Indiana Ext (3 wknd)5730 Counseling SkillsGray11708
5730 Counseling Skills - Audit Section11722
Jan 15-16, Feb. 19-20, April 1-2


Fall 2015

 Fall Semester 2015  
Course ScheduleAug. 17- Dec. 11
MondayWeekly Courses
8:15 to 10:55 AM5400 Systematic TheologyPowell95011
5770 Research in Counseling Shelby95012
1:00 to 3:45pm5320 Greek ReadingsOster95013
6:00 to 8:45 pm5773 Career CounselingMcPherson95014
8:15 to 10:55 AM5753 Family TherapyShelby95016
5201 Adv NT Introduction Black95017
1:00 to 3:45pm5210 NT WorldOster95018
5874 Ministry Call and Context Gupton95019
5742 Treatment PlanningFloyd95020
6:00-8:455060 Wisdom Literature Hawley95015
8:15 to 10:55 AM5090 Beginning Hebrew IHawley95021
5990 Adv Theol Research Turner95022
1:00 to 3:45pm5310 Elem Greek IOster95023
Oct. 8-157400 Theology in Ministry (D.Min. Only) Powell95024
(Th-Th)7980 Research in Ministry (D.Min. only)Bland95025
Oct. 12-175990 Adv Theol Research Meredith95026
(Mon-Sat)5883 Managing Conflict in Ministry Gupton95027
5920 Multicultural Ministry Huffard95028
5250 Corinthian Letters Oster95029
Online5601 Early and Medieval Church Syllabus Rev. 8/14/15Powell95030
5810 Sermon DevelopmentBland95032
Hybrid (one wknd)5640 Stone-Campbell MovementBerryhill95031
Sept. 4-5
Monthly (3 wknd)5732 Foundations of Counseling Shelby95033
Aug. 28-29, Oct. 23-24, Nov. 13-14
TBA5701 Apprenticeship in Ministry 1Gupton95041
5702 Apprenticeship in Ministry 2Gupton95042
5703 Apprenticeship in Ministry 3Gupton95043
5704 Apprenticeship in Ministry 4Gupton95044
5705 Apprenticeship in Ministry 5Gupton95045
5706 Apprenticeship in Ministry 6Gupton95046
5790 Internship in CounselingShelby95047
5791 Internship in CounselingShelby95048
5793 Internship in CounselingShelby95049
5720 Practicum IGupton95050
5721 Practicum IIGupton95051
Church Audit
Tuesday 6 PM5060 Wisdom Literature Hawley95035
Indiana Ext (3 wknd)5850 Congregational Ministry Rev. 8/11/15Gupton95034
Sept. 18-19, Oct. 9-10, Nov. 13-14


Summer 2015

  Summer Schedule 2015     
June 8 - July 18
The standard schedule for intensives is as follows:
Mon-Friday8:00 - 10:55 AM
1:00-4:00 PM
Sat8:00 - 12:00
June 85990 Advanced Theological ResearchMeredith40731
5730 Counseling SkillsGray40732
5081 Major ProphetsYoungblood40733
June 155230 Basic NT ExegesisBlack40734
5520 Faith and ReasonPowell40735
5754 Human Sexuality & Sex TherapyBlackney & Johnson40736
June 18-257150 Wisdom & Moral Form of Church (D.Min. only)Bland40737
(Meets Thursday through Thursday)
June 225780 Group CounselingGray40738
5240 Survey of Paul's LettersOster40739
5877 Spiritual Formation for MinistryGupton40740
July 135001 Adv Intro to OTOden40741
5410 Theological HermeneuticsHicks40742
5774 Multi-Cultural Counseling (Rev. 3/20)Shelby40743
TBA Courses
5701 Apprenticeship in Ministry 1Gupton40761
5702 Apprenticeship in Ministry 2Gupton40762
5703 Apprenticeship in Ministry 3Gupton40763
5704 Apprenticeship in Ministry 4Gupton40764
5705 Apprenticeship in Ministry 5Gupton40765
5706 Apprenticeship in Ministry 6Gupton40766
5790 Internship in CounselingShelby40767
5791 Internship in CounselingShelby40768
5793 Internship in CounselingShelby40769
5720 Integrated PracticumGupton40770
5721 Specialized PracticumGupton40771


Spring 2015

  January 20 – May 16     
Day/TimeCourseProfessorCRNCredit Hours
8:005311 Elementary Greek IIOster149513
5555 Seminar in Theology: TrinityPowell149523
1:005091 Beginning Hebrew IIMcMillion149533
5740 Theories of PersonalityShelby149543
6:005741 PsychopathologyRogers149553
8:155321 Adv NT ExegesisBlack149563
5785 Adv Sem in Coun DevGray149573
1:005752 Marital TherapyShelby149583
5730 Counseling SkillsGray149593
5731 Counseling Skills PracticumGray149603
6:006030 The Trinity and Christian Spirituality (1 credit hour) Syllabus revised 1/12/15Powell149801*
8:155602 Reformation and Modern ChurchPowell149613
5201 Adv Intro to NTBlack149623
5760 Family Development and ParentingShelby149633
1:005990 Advanced Theological ResearchMeredith149643
5340 Sem in Paul's Prison EpistlesOster149653
6:005920 Multicultural MinistryHuffard149663*
5311 Elementary Greek IIBlack149673
5550 Ethics and Character FormationPowell149683
5850 Congregational MinistryGupton149693
Feb 26-Mar 57100 Exposition of Luke (D.Min. only)Black149743
March 2-75200 Survey of the New TestamentOster149753
5040 PentateuchHawley149763
5875 Church Leader Roles and RelationshipsGupton149773
5901 Spiritual LeadershipHuffard149703
Feb 6, Mar 20, and Apr 17
5830 Biblical PreachingBland149713
Jan. 23-24, Feb. 20-21, March 27-28
Indiana5901 Spiritual LeadershipHuffard149733
Feb 27-28, Mar 27-28, April 24-25
Time TBA5211 Resources and Sites for NT ArchaeologyOster149723
5701 Apprenticeship in Ministry 1Gupton149811
5702 Apprenticeship in Ministry 2Gupton149821
5703 Apprenticeship in Ministry 3Gupton149831
5704 Apprenticeship in Ministry 4Gupton149841
5705 Apprenticeship in Ministry 5Gupton149851
5706 Apprenticeship in Ministry 6Gupton149861
5790 Internship in CounselingGray149873
5791 Internship in CounselingGray149883
5793 Internship in CounselingGray149893
5720 Integrated PracticumGupton149903
5721 Specialized PracticumGupton149913
* Denotes Church Audit Classes


Fall 2014

Course Schedule Fall Semester 2014 CRNCredit Hours  
Aug. 18- Dec. 12
8:155310 Elementary Greek On-CampusOster919613
5400 Systematic TheologyPowell919623
1:005751 Theories of Marital & Family TherapyShelby919633
5090 Beginning HebrewMcMillion919643
6:005910 Global EvangelismSlate919653
5736 Grief, Crisis, and Trauma CounselingUpton919661
5735 Addiction and Violence in Families
(Sep 22-Oct 20)
5737 Child and Adolescent Therapy
(Oct 27-Dec 12)
8:155320 Readings in the Greek NTOster919683
5732 Foundations of CounselingShelby919693
1:005730 Counseling SkillsGray919703
6:005772 Testing and Assessment in CounselingCox919883
5232 Gospel of JohnBlack919753
8:155601 Early and Medieval ChurchPowell919713
5850 Congregational MinistryGupton919723
1:005210 New Testament WorldOster919733
5990 Advanced Theological ResearchMeredith919743
5310 Elementary Greek OnlineBlack919763
5560 Christian WorshipPowell919773
5470 Providence and SufferingHicks919783
5640 History of the Stone Campbell MovementBerryhill919793
One weekend on campus, Sep 5-6
Oct. 2-97800 Leading the Church to Grow (D.Min. only)Huffard919803
Oct. 13-185990 Advanced Theological ResearchMeredith919813
5906 Managing Conflict in MinistryGupton919823
MonthlyThree weekends on campus
5810 Sermon Development and DeliveryBland919833
Aug 29, Sep 26, Nov 7
5001 Advanced Intro. to OTOden919843
Aug 22, Sep 19, Oct 24
6030 Christian Ministry Among MuslimsHuffard919851
Aug 8-9
Indiana5231 Gospel of MarkBlack919863
Sept. 19-20, Oct. 17-18, Nov. 14-15
Format TBD
5701 Apprenticeship in Ministry 1Gupton919911
5702 Apprenticeship in Ministry 2Gupton919921
5703 Apprenticeship in Ministry 3Gupton919931
5704 Apprenticeship in Ministry 4Gupton919941
5705 Apprenticeship in Ministry 5Gupton919951
5706 Apprenticeship in Ministry 6Gupton919961
5790 Practicum in CounselingGray919973
5791 Internship in CounselingGray919983
5793 Internship in CounselingGray919993
5720 Integrated Ministry ExperienceGupton920003
5721 Specialized Ministry ExperienceGupton920013