Distance Learning

Theology, counseling, and ministry students from across the nation study at Harding School of Theology by combining on-line courses and occasional, brief trips to Memphis. This combination of local and distance learning assures your degree program will be both accessible and academically rigorous.

On-line Courses
Standard On-line Courses

On-line courses do not require travel. Class discussions are held via Canvas, a state-of-the-art course management website that gives access to class notes and lectures. It also keeps you connected to your professors and classmates, so you have a rich personal experience with your on-line community. Multiple on-line courses are offered each fall and spring semester.

Hybrid Courses

HST occasionally offers courses that combine the on-line and on-campus meetings. These hybrid courses typically require one weekend on campus. The rest of the semester follows the standard on-line model making use of Canvas.


ellen-radcliiffAfter completing most of my undergraduate degree online and feeling that I missed out on a lot socially and academically, I was wary to enter in to an online platform for grad school. I am incredibly pleased to find that HST LIVE is immeasurably more than all I could have asked or imagined for in a graduate program! Not only do I get to be part of a lively, inclusive, and collaborative classroom environment – I get to do it from the comfort of my own home! The atmosphere, functionality, and intimacy that the HST LIVE program offers outshines even physical classroom environments that I have been a part of! I am so grateful and excited to be part of this innovative program! – Ellen Radcliff, MA in Counseling Student

HST Master’s degrees are available through the HST LIVE (Live Interactive Video Education) format with minimal residential requirements. In streaming live interactive classes, you virtually attend a class that is actually meeting on campus using a two-way streaming platform. You participate in the class in real time along with students who are physically in the classroom. Learn more about distance counselor training by clicking here. Learn more about the HST LIVE platform by clicking here.

On-campus Intensive Courses
One-week Intensive Courses

You will not have to sacrifice the networking and relationships that can only form with person-to-person interaction. But you won’t have to sacrifice your ministry either. By taking advantage of one-week intensive courses on-campus, you earn full credit for your course, but you are only on campus for one week during the semester. You will have reading and assignments both before coming to class and after class, so the course lasts the whole semester. You are on campus, however, only one week per class.

Monthly Intensive Courses

Monthly intensives meet one weekend per month over the course of the semester. The monthly meetings begin Friday after lunch and end mid-afternoon on Saturday. There are reading and assignments before and after each meeting and the course lasts the full semester.

On-campus courses meet every semester. All summer courses are in the one-week intensive format