Affording Excellent Education

Funding Sources–Elements of Your Financial Strategy

Five sources for funding your education at Harding School of Theology:

HST scholarships are funds applied toward your tuition. The School of Theology has benefited from the generosity of supporters through the years, and the scholarship committee distributes those funds based on the information in your application for scholarship. Click here for a scholarship application.

Personal funds are those from you or your family. Students often work in ministry or secular jobs to support themselves while they are in school.

Employee subsidies are funds from churches, ministries, agencies or companies that pay all or part of your school expenses. Ask your employer if they have a program to contribute to your education.

Private organizations may give loans, scholarships and grants to students meeting a particular set of requirements. Use the Internet to assist you in locating these funds.

Federal student loans are available as well. There are three steps in the application process. You should begin by requesting a PIN number at With your new PIN, you can complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at Be sure to include the six-digit Harding University code: 001097. You will also need to answer the online loan counseling questions from Harding University after your FAFSA has been processed.


What will your education cost?

The full costs of each degree is listed here. Please see the catalog for a list of all fees.