Ephesus Conference in honor of Dr. Richard Oster

Dr. Oster at Nemrud Dagi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Eastern Turkey

An international conference on the study of Ephesus and its connection to the New Testament will be held at HST as a tribute to the 65th birthday of professor Richard E. Oster.

The May 18-19, 2012, conference is slated to acknowledge Oster’s work on ancient Ephesus as a religious center and site of early Christian activity.

Dr. Oster’s contributions to the study of ancient Ephesus include, among other work, a Princeton Theological Seminary dissertation, “A Historical Commentary on the Missionary Success Stories in Acts 19:11-40,” an ANRW essay on “Ephesus as a Religious Center Under the Principate I. Paganism Before Constantine,” and “A Bibliography on Ancient Ephesus; With Introduction and Index”. Former students and colleagues will offer papers on Ephesian material culture and on early Christian texts connected to Ephesus.

Presenters include: Steve Friesen, Ulrike Muss, Elisabeth Rathmayr, Peter Scherrer, Dan Schowalter, Greg Stevenson, Jerry Sumney, Christine M. Thomas, James W. Thompson, Trevor Thompson, Hilke Thuer, Paul Trebilco, and James Walters.

Official conference website here.

Visit Dr. Oster’s blog here.

Donate a book to the Graves Memorial Library via Dr. Richard Oster’s 65th birthday wishlist at Amazon.com