Church Audits

The church audit program serves members of congregations which support the school with at least $1200/year ($100/month). Members of these congregations may audit select courses each semester for $25 per course. That’s right – any member of a supporting congregation can attend the same graduate courses as credit students and learn from world class professors for next to nothing!

What is an auditor?

An auditor takes a course, but does not receive credit. Some auditors will read all of the assigned texts and even take the exams, others will simply come to the class meetings to hear the lectures. Click here for registration information.

What courses are available?

HST offers a variety of courses in ministry and theology, and we try to make as wide a range as possible to our church auditors. These are the upcoming church audit courses. Click the course name for the syllabus (if available), and the professors name for information about the professor.

Fall 2016
Richard Oster

Dr. Richard Oster

New Testament Theology: Dr. Richard Oster

Tuesday, 6-8:45 pm, August 16 – December 6.

This course is a thematic study of important doctrines in the New Testament and their place in the life of Christians. We will study what the New Testament teaches us about “the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.” We will also give attention to the topic of the Holy Spirit in the NT. Finally, we will explore the use and significance of the Old Testament in the New Testament.

How do I participate?

To help your congregation join this program, contact the Advancement Office at or by calling 901-761-1355.

Click here to register for a course.