Certificate in Spiritual Leadership

The Certificate in Spiritual Leadership is a powerful resource for church leaders. The courses are available in distance education format, which includes on-line, one-week intensives, and one-weekend-a-month sessions.

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Each course is taken for credit, so a student wishing to continue beyond this certificate for a degree will keep credits for classes in which they have received a passing grade.

Program: 21 hours

I. Core

Biblical Studies:

Choose one

BNEW 5231 – Gospel of Mark

BNEW 5250 – Corinthian Letters

BOLD 5050 – Psalms

Spiritual Leadership:

BMIS 5901 – Spiritual Leadership

Congregational Ministry:

BMIN 5874 – Ministry Call and Context

Counseling Skills:

MFT 5730 – Counseling Skills

Systematic Theology:

BDOC 5400 – Systematic Theology

II. Electives

Choose Two

BDOC 5550 – Ethics and Character Formation
BMIN 5873 – Missional Leadership Strategies
BMIN 5875 – Ministry Roles and Relationships
BMIN 5877 – Spiritual Formation for Ministry
BMIN 5883 – Managing Conflict in Ministry
BMIN 5990 – Advanced Theological Research
MFT 5774 – Multicultural Counseling