Certificate in Church Counseling


Helping You Help Others

Are you the person people come to with their burdens? Although you don’t want to train as a professional counselor, would you like to improve on your natural ability to help people? We can equip you with knowledge and skills to build on the gifts you already have. The Certificate in Church Counseling at Harding School of Theology is a non-degree program offering a unique blend of clinical counseling skills and ministry training to help you join God’s work of growth and healing within your spiritual community.*

Apply today to begin your journey to better helping skills through the Certificate in Church Counseling or contact us for more information.

The Certificate in Church Counseling (CCC) is a 21-hour program consisting of six three-hour courses and three one-hour courses. Students take three hours per semester. Because these are graduate-level courses, an undergraduate degree (in any field) from an accredited university is required for admission.

Each course is taken for credit, so a student wishing to continue beyond this certificate for a degree will keep credits for classes in which they have received a passing grade.

Distance Option Available

Students may attend classes either on our Memphis campus or remotely. Courses are taught using an online education platform that allows online students to attend classes with local students, interacting in real time, participating in class discussions, and sharing in class leadership.

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MFT 5730 – Counseling Skills – 3 hours

An introductory course providing hands-on training in the skills needed in the art of helping. Students considering continuing toward a counseling degree may substitute 5731 Counseling Skills Practicum.

MFT 5752 – Marital Therapy – 3 hours

Learn to assess, diagnose, and treat dysfunctional relationship patterns and build healthy dynamics within the marital relationship.

MFT 5760 – Family Development and Parenting – 3 hours

Focus on contemporary concerns in parenting, biblical family structures, and strategies for building healthy families.

MFT 5750 – Systems Theory – 3 hours

Gain a unique perspective on organizational and family systems.

  • MFT 5780 – Group Counseling – 3 hours
    An introduction to group dynamics and group processes. Learn how to use groups for growth, prevention, and therapy.
    This course requires a one week residency on our Memphis campus.
  • MFT 5753 – Family Therapy
    Learn assessment, diagnosis, and treatment processes for problems that face the diverse families in our pluralistic society
    This course does not require a trip to campus.
  • BMIN 5883 – Managing Conflict and Change in Ministry – 3 hours
    Be equipped for skillful communication and leadership in conflict and change.
    This course requires a one week residency on our Memphis campus.
  • BMIS 5901 – Spiritual Leadership
    An in-depth look at how God leads individuals to carry out His will with intense personal reflection on God’s leading in your life.
    This course does not require a trip to campus.


MFT 5735 – Addiction and Violence in Families

Assessment, diagnosis, and intervention strategies for individuals, couples, and families.

MFT 5736 – Grief, Crisis, and Trauma Counseling

Gain skill and knowledge in designing individual and group crisis interventions in the aftermath of a critical incident.

MFT 5737 – Child and Adolescent Therapy

Learn to address the specific needs of children and adolescents.

Apply today to begin your journey to better helping skills through the Certificate in Church Counseling.

*This certificate does not lead to counseling licensure – students working toward a license enroll in the Master of Arts in Counseling.