Hogan-Cate Recipients


Tan, Cate, Hogan

David and Michelle Allen: 2015

David and Michelle Allen

David and Michelle Allen received the 2015 Hoga-Cate Asian Missions Sabbatical grant. The Allens have served in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for the last 21 years serving as part of a church planting team. They applied for the sabbatical to have a time of refreshing and renewal to carry them through the next season of their work in Thailand. While they are here in Memphis, they will drop off one of their daughters to begin college at Texas A&M and enroll the other at Harding Academy in Memphis.

Kok Bin and Esther Ong: 2014

kok-bin-ong-estherKok Bin Ong and his wife Esther are the 2014 recipients of the Hogan-Cate Asian Missions grant. They come from the Church of Christ in Seremban, Malaysia where he has preached since 1988. They come with a wealth of ministry experience and are highly respected as great servants of God. They have three grown children. This sabbatical will give him an opportunity to “recharge his batteries” in a context where he can enjoy fellowship, have access to a great library, audit several classes and do some writing.

Beng Chuan Tan: 2013

Beng Chuan Tan is the inaugural recipient of the sabbatical. He spent the Fall 2013 semester at HST taking courses, visiting with local ministers and churches, and traveling to meet with church leaders in other parts of the country. Beng Chuan has served as an elder for seven years and is now serving in a staff ministry role at the Pasir Panjang Church of Christ in Singapore. The Pasir Panjang church is known for involvement in missions, with many members participating in short-term projects in various parts of Asia.