Student Association


Kevin-BurrKevin Burr (B.A., M.S.E., Harding University)
Ministry Goal: To equip our Christian young men and women to live their faith genuinely and discuss their faith intelligently.
Hometown: Nashville, TN

Vice President

Lonn Baker (B.Min. Harding University)
Ministry Goal: To serve in God’s kingdom as a professional counselor in both church and community contexts.
Hometown: Lubbock, TX


Leah WhiteLeah White (B.A., Denison University)
Ministry Goal: To approach counseling from a Christian perspective and to encourage my clients to develop their spiritual lives as a part of their healing process.
Hometown: Lansdale, PA

Director of Communication

Eric SuddeathEric Suddeath (B.A., Harding University)
Ministry Goal: To reconcile families to each other and to Jesus through the ministry of counseling
Hometown: Amarillo, TX

On-Campus Representative

Jon CookeJon Cooke (B.A., North Carolina State University)
Ministry goal: To share the joy and beauty of God’s Word with the world by building relationships and teaching the good news about Jesus.
Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Off-Campus Representative

Tiffany-FranceTiffany France (B.A., Rhodes College)
Ministry Goal: To make the hope of the gospel known among the nations by coming alongside people in their brokenness and helping them move toward healing.
Hometown: Fort Collins, CO