Ministry Job Opportunities

NOTE: Churches of Christ are welcome to submit ministry opportunities for this site. At the end of three months, if the position is still open, the church may resubmit for a second three-month posting. To post an opening, send job title, detailed job description, other pertinent information and contact information to or via fax to (901) 761-1358. Harding School of Theology reserves the right to edit any posting and we cannot include gender, marital status or age requirements in any posting.

10/20/2014  Full-time Youth Minister

Northeast Church of Christ, located in the suburbs of Cincinnati, is actively seeking a full-time Youth Minister to work with our teenagers by educating, disciplining, encouraging, and equipping our census of nearly 75 young people for God’s service.  Two plus years in youth ministry desired, including the ability to build influential personal relationships with teenagers and their families, and a demonstrated desire to share Christ, setting an example that inspires teens to become disciples of Christ growing into adulthood and beyond. A Bachelor’s Degree in ministry or equivalent education or work experience is preferred.

Please submit your resume to and view a more complete job description at

10/16/2014 Evangelist / Minister

The South Germantown Church of Christ  in Memphis, TN, is seeking an experienced minister/evangelist to help fulfill our mission of “Glorifying God as disciples of His Son: Anchoring, converting and teaching souls in our community and abroad.” We are a very loving congregation of 210, located in southeast Memphis. There’s much to be excited about at South Germantown Road, including the recent opening of our Activity Center building, designed to enhance our very active Outreach Ministry. We are an actively growing church, seeking a spiritual and dynamic leader to serve with our three elders, four deacons and five ministry leaders. Please access the Minister Application Packet for additional information, or contact Dedric Pearson at (901) 218-2094.

10/14/2014 Full time Preacher

The Heritage Addition Church of Christ is located in Booneville, Arkansas, serving most of South Logan County, including the nearby town of Magazine. Average Sunday morning attendance thru Sept., 2014 was 97, ranging in age from infant to 90+, average weekly contribution for the first three quarters of 2014 was $1,495.  Our facilities are located on Highway 10, debt free and adequate for growth in numbers.  We currently have two elders and four deacons.  There are no major areas of contention to disturb the peace within the congregation. Our present minister is leaving under good terms, having been hired by a larger congregation in Dallas, TX.

We sing a cappella, conduct bible classes for children on Sunday morning and Wednesday night. We support foreign mission efforts as funds are available, as well as Southern Christian Home for children. Various bible translations are used in our teaching and preaching efforts. We regard the bible as the authority in all matters of religious belief, but do not blindly follow traditional understandings just because they seem comfortable. Desirable qualities for a preacher include competence in the pulpit and a passion for lost souls, including a willingness to provide leadership and encouragement in evangelistic efforts.  The ability to form positive relationships in the congregation and community would be viewed as positive qualities. There is a special opportunity to relate to, and encourage, our younger families. Detailed job description available on request.

We offer a three bedroom, two bath house, including an additional room suitable for a study or other use, and a two car garage.  The house is in good condition, having been remodeled about a year and a half ago. Salary will be discussed after a serious mutual interest is established.

Booneville is in west central Arkansas, approx. 35 miles from Ft. Smith. Population in Booneville is approx. 4,000, Magazine population is approx. 800, and there is a significant rural population outside the city limits of either town. There is a relatively new hospital in Booneville served by local physicians and various specialists who conduct outpatient clinics. There are two large hospitals in Ft. Smith providing a wide range of advanced services. Both Booneville and Magazine have good educational systems. University of Arkansas in Fort Smith provides opportunities for higher education. Other information about the area can be found

Church Web Site

Please send resume to:
Heritage Addition Church of Christ
P. O. Box 155
Booneville, AR    72927

Or email to:  or
Phone contacts: Richard Boersma – 479-675-3582 or Rick Scott 479-206-1957

10/14/2014 Full-time Minister

The Pleasant View church of Christ in Skullbone, TN is looking for a full-time minister to join us in spreading God’s word and building up His church. We average 85 people in attendance for Sunday morning worship and we have 3 elders and 4 deacons who serve and lead. This is a caring church family who love to serve God and our community. We offer a nice 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home on church property as part of compensation. If you are interested in being part of this ministry, please send a resume and other relevant material to:

Jack Walker (Elder):
Cell: (731) 694-3083
1235 Republican Grove Rd
Trezevant, TN 38258

Pleasant View church of Christ
6 Skullbone Rd
Bradford, TN 38316

10/14/2014 Full-time Evangelist / Minister

The Church of Christ located in Dexter, Michigan, is searching for a full time evangelist/minister. We are seeking an individual who has a genuine love for the Lord, the church, and the lost. We desire someone with excellent people skills who can work with all ages and personalities and enjoys being around people. We want to emphasize we are interested in a man with the desire to evangelize rather than just a ‘pulpit man’. Our congregation was established in 2004 and we have a regular attendance of 75 to 90 on Sunday mornings. The congregation is shepherded by 4 elders.  Our total compensation package includes a competitive salary, residence and paid vacation.  The position will be open January 1, 2015. Please email Bob Conn at rconn for further information about the position.

10/13/2014 Full-time Minister

Laurel, Maryland.  Fast-growing evangelistic congregation of approximately 300 members located between Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD is seeking qualified minister candidate to be an integral part of a dynamic three-man minister team to work closely with 6 elders and 12 deacons. Together this united group of godly men will provide the scriptural and loving leadership and equipping needed for the congregation to thrive. The successful candidate will be Christ-like, mission-driven, prayerful, evangelistic, a humble team player, who can boldly and freshly present the Word of God on Sundays and throughout the week.

The successful candidate:

  • must hold strictly to Biblical authority
  • should be able to teach sound doctrine as exhorted in I Timothy 4:16
  • should be able to preach and evangelize (II Timothy 4:2-5)
  • should be a faithful example devoted to good works (I Tim 4:12)
  • must have a strong marriage, good family relationship and his wife should be willing to actively participate in church ministries

Bachelor Degree from a regional accredited higher educational institution is required. Degree in Bible from school/college of preaching at a Church of Christ affiliated university is strongly preferred.
Candidates are requested to e-mail a resume and three references to .  If these are online sermons available, please provide a link. To find out more about Laurel Church of Christ visit our website at

10/6/2014 Pulpit Minister

The Church of Christ in Lake Dallas, Texas is accepting applications for a full-time pulpit minister who is committed to connecting to members of all ages. This loving and active church family of about 150 members is currently served by 5 elders and 10 deacons, and is located approximately 30 miles north of Dallas.The annual salary is set at $60,000. Interested applicants should submit a resume and cover letter telling us about yourself and your interest in serving with us here. Submit applications to:  For additional information, visit the Lake Dallas Church of Christ website at

10/3/2014 Minister

Church of Christ
Third & Cherokee
P.O. Box 736
Jay, Oklahoma 74346
(918) 801-6838, (918) 323-1456, (918) 323-1455

We are a small Church of Christ that has existed in Jay, Oklahoma since near statehood. Jay is located in northeastern Oklahoma and is surrounded by an abundance of recreational opportunities. Both Grand Lake of the Cherokees and Lake Eucha are within ten minutes of Jay. Jay’s current population is around 3,000, but has recently shown signs of growth by the construction of new housing units within the city.

Jay is also located within an hour of the following educational institutions: University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, and Missouri Southern University in Joplin, Missouri.

Most importantly our Church is a Christ loving group of Christian men, women and children. Like many Churches of our faith, we are in need of a qualified and able person to serve as our minister. We are looking for a person that would be at least an experienced Elder; with a heart and desire to preach the gospel and work to bring others to Christ. We are a group of Christian men devoted to keeping our church strong and reaching out to others to come join us in Christ. Perhaps a retired or semi-retired person would be interested in contacting us concerning our opening. We would be able to pay a salary that would supplement a person receiving some other source of income. We ask for your prayers that there is someone that would be available to meet our needs and to further serve the Lord. Any inquiries should be directed to one of the above listed phone numbers.

9/30/2014  Family Involvement Minister

The Richmond church of Christ in Kentucky is looking for a family involvement minister to motivate, teach, and encourage Christian development among our youth and families. We are an established congregation of about 350 with a history of effective elderships. Located in a university town on the edge of the Cumberland Mountains in the beautiful Bluegrass Region, Richmond offers many amenities of a large city in a small town atmosphere. We are looking for an energetic and enthusiastic married man who will function well as a facilitator under the leadership of our shepherds. He must be well-versed in Scripture, recognizing that the Bible is the single and final authority, have experience working with youth and families, a heart for evangelism and be fluent in social media. He will teach classes for our youth and be involved in long-range curriculum planning. There will be opportunities to preach as well. The goal for this work is to build spiritual families, strengthen Christian relationships, and to instill the Word of God deeply in each heart. For additional information, please visit the Richmond church of Christ website:

9/24/2014 Youth and Family Minister

Northwest Houston Church of Christ is seeking a Youth and Family Minister. This Youth and Family Minister will work with JR and SR High.  The congregation has 500 active members with a great balance of ages and volunteers. Lots of community involvement. Qualifications:  1.  Bachelor’s degree from a church of Christ based Christian college, 2.  Previous, successful experience in the church of Christ Youth and Family Ministry. 3.  Preferably married to a woman who is a baptized current and active member of the church of Christ. To apply, please forward your resume to

9/23/2014 Minister of Education and Church Life

The West Side Church of Christ in Searcy Arkansas is seeking a Minister of Education and Church Life. An experienced applicant is preferred, who is passionate about teaching and equipping the body in order to promote the personal spiritual maturity of each member.  He will facilitate individual members in their involvement in current ministries and work with a ministry team to renovate or develop ministries for members to effectively serve the Lord.  Please respond to for a more detailed job description or to submit a resume.

9/22/2014 Minister

Missoula church of Christ located in Missoula Montana is currently seeking a minister who defines his ministry as preaching, teaching and equipping others to serve. We are a congregation of approximately 75 members that is seeking to grow. The ideal candidate should have an in-depth knowledge of God’s Word, hold fast to Biblical truths and be able to effectively communicate those truths for the edification of the congregation and growth of the church. Additionally, relate well to young people and be effective in handling family and marriage issues. Under the oversight of our elders, he (and his family) should be active in church ministries and in the lives of individual members of the congregation. For additional information, Missoula COC Minister Ad

9/22/2014 Full-time Youth Minister

The Bayside Church of Christ is a welcoming and loving church family of approximately 300 members, located in beautiful Virginia Beach. We are looking for candidates with a four-year degree in youth or family ministry, Bible, or other related studies, and prefer candidates with prior youth ministry experience of at least 3 years. Salary and benefits are commensurate with education and experience. Please submit a resume, cover letter, a brief statement of why you want to be a youth minister, and references. For additional information on the job responsibilities,  Bayside Church of Christ Youth Minister Job Announcement.

9/22/2014 Youth and Family Minister

Westside Church of Christ is prayerfully seeking a man who is Christ-centered, with an emphasis in youth/family ministry, and a willingness to lead in the development of spiritual opportunities for teens and families. For a complete job description, Westside Youth and Family Minister

9/22/2014 Youth and Family Minister

Jenks Avenue has a family-based, discipleship-oriented youth ministry whose primary purpose is to empower and support parents in their God-given responsibility to raise their children in the training and instruction of the Lord.  We are looking for a minister who will nurture our young peoples’ relationships with God, their families, and the church. Jenks Avenue is a growing congregation with a love for the Lord and our community.  We have been blessed with and are strongly committed to our unity. Our congregation is family-oriented with a broad range of ages and diversity. We are overseen by 5 elders and 26 deacons and have a membership of over 400. Our county, situated on the Gulf of Mexico, has population of about 180k.  Panama City enjoys a mild climate and attracts a large number of tourists. ​For more information, please visit our website, call or email.​

Jenks Avenue church of Christ
Panama City, FL
(850) 763-5661

9/16/2014 Pulpit Minister

Searching for a Pulpit Minister to work with a church in the Midwest serving the Detroit Metropolitan area for 89 years.  The Church of Christ in Lincoln Park, MI is a moderate size church (about 170 Sunday AM attendance) looking for a minister to work with students and families. The general qualifications of such a person are:

  • Spiritual and emotional maturity
  • A Bible degree or equivalent schooling
  • In a strong healthy marriage relationship
  • A strong interest in preaching, teaching, personal evangelism and visitation
  • Willing to work with the whole church in ministering to all ages

Salary will be commiserate with experience and benefits will be provided. Please send a resume with three references and a sermon (video).

Send these to: Lincoln Park Church of Christ
Russell Bone
2957 Fort Street
Lincoln Park, MI  48146
Office: (313) 928-5810
Home: (313) 292-1186

9/16/2014 Minister

The North Heights Church of Christ, Bixby, OK is currently seeking a full-time Minister.

Our minister for the past 25 years has retired so we are looking for a minister to work with us to evangelize our community and help our members grow and deepen their faith. The congregation consists of about 100 members and is located in one of the top growing communities in Oklahoma. He should have the following qualifications: Sound Doctrine, Proven leadership ability to grow a congregation, Enthusiasm for the Lord’s work, Commitment to work under the leadership of the elders, Minimum BA in Bible, Experience of 6+ years, minimum. Our address is 11710 S. Memorial Drive, Bixby, OK 74008. We have a website Process: Send cover letter, resume, references and degree verification to:

9/15/2014 Full-time Minister

The Pine Valley Church of Christ is currently seeking a full-time Minister. The qualified applicant will be sound in doctrine, effective in teaching the Word, passionate about leading souls to Christ and experienced in various ministries. Candidate must have preaching skills with sermons having a clear relevant application. Must have a genuine love for people with the desire and skills to evangelize. Must be willing to work with the leadership team (consisting of two elders) to create a cohesive message both to the congregation and to the community as a whole. For more information on this ministry opportunity, Pine Valley Church of Christ

9/11/2014 Full-time Associate Minister

The Spring Road Church of Christ in Westerville, OH, a congregation of about 200, is seeking a full-time associate minister whose primary duties will include evangelizing and ministering to families and singles in the 25-40 year old age group.  The desired candidate will share preaching, teaching and other responsibilities with current ministers and other church leaders.  Sound Bible knowledge and a degree in Bible/theology, ministry, preaching, family ministry or a related discipline is required.  The ability to inspire and instruct from God’s Word to a diverse congregation is also a must.  Qualified individuals should email a Word or PDF version of their resume to or send a printed copy to Minister Search Committee, Spring Road Church of Christ, 74 South Spring Road, Westerville, OH 43081.  Visit us on the web at .

9/8/2014 Youth Minister

The Murrieta Church of Christ is searching for a Youth minister to ignite a desire for a genuine relationship with Christ and to equip the youth, grades 6-12, for the spiritual battle they are in.  To teach a Bible based curriculum and encourage a Biblical based lifestyle among the youth.

Applicants must have the following minimum qualifications:

  • Be a baptized Christian with a maturing relationship with Christ
  • Be a member of the Church of Christ and adhere to its doctrine
  • Be a graduate of an accredited college or university with a degree in Theology, Christian Education, or Youth Ministry; or have obtained a certificate from a School of Biblical Studies
  • Have at least one year of experience as a Youth Minister or similar position

Salary and benefits are competitive and are based on experience. To learn more about Murrieta Church of Christ, please visit our website at If you are interested and would like a copy of the full job summary, please send a resume to .  Alternatively, you may mail a hard copy to: Search Committee, Murrieta Church of Christ, 24750 Lincoln Ave, Murrieta, CA 92562.

9/8/2014 Full-time Pulpit Minister

The Sandpoint church of Christ is a congregation of about 35 people.  We are seeking a full-time pulpit minister/evangelist to teach and preach sound biblical doctrine and to be co-laborers with us in outreach to the community.  We are offering an annual salary of $45,000.

Contact Information:
Sandpoint church of Christ
1331 Cedar Street
Sandpoint, ID 83864

Please contact Jake Primgaard at 208-263-0961 or send email to: Visit our website:

9/8/2014 Full-time Outreach Minister

Turlock Church of Christ
Daniel Borras (Elder)
801 N. Tully Rd.
Turlock, CA 95380

Turlock Church of Christ is seeking a full-time Outreach Minister, with strong conviction to Biblical doctrine, minimum of 1 – 2 years’ experience in outreach. This person will provide vision and direction, to facilitate the spreading of the gospel to our community. Must be self-motivated, organized and provide leadership, and guidance for workers. This position requires working closely with the Elders, Deacons, Pulpit Minister, and office staff.
If interested please email your resume to Daniel Borras (Elder) at with a subject of “Outreach Minister”. For media presentation and non-digital resumes, please mail to: “Turlock Church of Christ” Attention: Daniel Borras (Outreach)

•    Be an active member of the body.
•     Plan and coordinate outreach ministries for all age levels (focus 25-40 age groups).
•     To challenge, motivate, and recruit others for involvement in outreach ministries.
•     Encourage new ideas and ministries that will stimulate outreach into the community.
•     Develop short and long-term goals for outreach into the community.
•     Develop programs and activities to achieve short and long term goals.
•     Recruit workers for outreach programs and activities.
•     Work with leadership and other staff to coordinate and implement outreach programs.
•     Recruit, train, and encourage new leaders for outreach and other areas within the body.
•     Oversee and participate in the execution of outreach activities.
•     Participate in the planning, organizing, and implementation other activities and events.
•     Be able to fill the pulpit when asked or scheduled to do so. (Pulpit duties will not be on a regular basis, only as fill in).
•     Be available to teach Sunday and Wednesday classes, as part of the teacher rotation pool.
•     Hold regular weekly office hours.

9/5/2014 Full-time Preaching Minister

The Church of Christ in Dos Palos, California is now accepting applications for a full-time preaching minister.

9/1/2014 Youth Minister

Capital City Church of Christ
PO Box 2708 Sacramento California 95812

The Capital City Church of Christ is a church plant for northern and west Sacramento communities. The congregation is planted in an urban community recently purchasing a beautiful 250 seat facility. The new facility is located next to the historic Grant High School. The vision for this new work is centered on evangelizing to diverse populations within pre teen and high school age ranges. The desired candidate will work closely with the Minister to develop a work plan for reaching the youth in the community. The Church is currently at 60 members on the cusp of exploding in spiritual and numerical growth.

The right fit for Capital City will be determined by the applicant’s ministerial style, work ethic, and personality to reach the diverse target audience in the Del Paso Heights and West Sacramento communities. The Capital City Church Youth Minister will assist with developing congregational initiatives and ensure the youth are a central hallmark of the total mission. The Youth Minister will be relied upon to encourage and exhort not only the youth but the entire congregation. The ideal candidate should be able to teach and relay biblical truths to the youth with a passion for evangelism and all people. The Capital City Church of Christ is looking to bring on this role as soon as possible. Applicants should send their resumes or letters of interest to or PO Box 2708 Sacramento, CA 95812 ATTN: Minister Ken Johnson Youth Minister Search

8/25/2014 Minister/Evangelist

Glen Rock Church of Christ is searching for a full time Minister. For more information, Minister-Evangelist

8/21/2014 Pulpit Minister

The Ocean Springs Church of Christ in Ocean Springs, Mississippi is accepting resumes for the position of pulpit minister.  We are a family of just over a hundred people of Christians who are committed to serving Jesus.  We are located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  We offer an active youth program with a very dedicated and competent youth and family minister, an eldership, and a membership made up of all types of Christians.  Various ministries are in place, but we welcome new and fresh ideas and approaches. Web page:

We are looking for a young family that wants to grow with us.  Position is open now August, 2014. If you think the Lord is calling you to be that man, please email your resume to: or

8/11/2014 Pulpit Minister

The church of Christ in Wheeler, Texas is searching for a pulpit minister. We are a congregation of the Lord’s church, with a desire to worship and serve Him in a very Biblical way. We stress the power of God’s grace and encourage the continued growth in active faith among all members of the Lord’s body. We seek to do the entire will of the Father as manifested in the Scriptures and deeply respect the silence thereof. We are non-instrumental and believe firmly in essentiality of repentance and baptism for eternal salvation. We are looking for a pulpit minister with these same values and a desire to embrace our small community with a zeal for evangelism.

Our preference would be to find a married man with some experience as a full-time preacher, with a Biblical degree and a deep knowledge of the scriptures. Our 125 member congregation is diverse in background and age. We have many young families, who will be a major focus of our mutual efforts. We have three elders, Buck Dollar, Bob Frankenbery, and myself. Please consider our pulpit position. If you know of a minister who would be a good match for us other than yourself, please put him in contact with us. We know the Lord will be active in our search; and may He richly bless your endeavors as well. Please contact:

Stacy McCasland
806 886-4000

8/5/2014 Associate Minister

The Warrenton Church of Christ, located in the beautiful hills of Northern Virginia, is searching for an associate minister to work with the diverse needs of our 150+ member church.  It is our desire as a church family to grow spiritually through the interaction with Christ and His teachings by building interpersonal relationships and by reaching out to those in need.

WCOC is currently served by three shepherds, a senior minister and a director of our children’s ministry.  We are looking to fill the new position of associate minister who will be largely in charge of worship planning duties, song leading, working with our youth, and fulfilling other needs as they arise. There are many aspects of this new position to explore and cultivate to your own.  The right man will have a bachelor’s degree and will have the skills and enthusiasm to relate Biblical teachings to current life situations, the desire to work with our youth, and the ability to work well with all ages of our congregation in their current stages of growth.  We in turn offer a loving church family with varied interests and passions. Please visit our website,   Please send your resume to

8/5/2014 Youth Minister

The Oxford church of Christ (OCOC) is seeking a full time youth minister to develop and carry out a plan for building an effective youth program. The Oxford Church of Christ is located in Oxford, MS about 80 miles southeast of Memphis, TN.  The University of Mississippi in Oxford and the Harding Graduate School in Memphis provide advanced study / professional development opportunities to the OCOC ministerial staff. This position serves under the authority of the OCOC elders, a group of men known for their caring, supportive and wise leadership. For more information, OCOC Youth Minister.

8/4/2014 Pulpit Minister

The Southside Church of Christ in Hydro, Oklahoma seeks a full time minister.  Hydro is a smaller western Oklahoma  town of approximately 1100 people located 65 miles west of Oklahoma City.  The loving diverse congregation has approximately 50 members and is growing. We have all ages, but are generally would be considered a younger vibrant congregation.  We are working toward an Eldership at this time.  We seek a minister with an outgoing personality and strong, scriptural background.  Bilingual in English and Spanish a plus but not a prerequisite.  Competitive salary and benefits provided. If interested please send a resume to or call 405-822-8008.

8/4/2014 Full time Youth and Family Minister

Bonner Springs church of Christ is seeking a full-time Youth and Family Minister to lead and develop a ministry for our youth and young adults.  Bonner Springs, KS is a suburb of the Kansas City Metropolitan area.  We have a church family of 120 members. The Youth and Family Minister would be responsible for planning Bible class lessons, activities for teens (grades 6th-12th) and young adults, share preaching responsibilities with pulpit minister, submit a weekly article for church bulletin, and maintain office hours.  The salary range is $30,000-$35,000 depending on qualifications.  A three bedroom ranch home, next door to the church is included.  Applicants need to have degree in Youth and Family Ministry, Bible or obtain a certificate from a school of Biblical Studies. Interested applicants should submit cover letter and resume to

7/28/2014 Evangelist/Minister

The Nebraska City church of Christ in Nebraska City, Nebraska is searching for a full time evangelist/minister.  We are seeking an individual who has a genuine love for the Lord, the church, and the lost.  We desire someone with excellent people skills who can work well with all ages and personalities and enjoys being around people. We want to emphasize we are interested in a man with the desire to evangelize rather than just a “pulpit man”.

Our congregation was established in 1995 and we have a regular attendance of 65 to 70 on Sunday mornings.  The congregation has been shepherded by 2 elders since 2005. Our total compensation package includes a competitive salary, paid vacation and professional growth time.  The position will be open December 1, 2014 (or earlier if needed). Please email the search committee for further information about the position at:

Terry Duffy, elder and committee chairperson:
Mary Chapin, committee secretary:

7/28/2014 Full time Gospel Preacher

The Ligonier church of Christ is seeking a full time Gospel Preacher.  The congregation consists of 85 members and is working towards an eldership.  Ligonier, Pennsylvania is about 50 miles east of Pittsburgh. We are looking for a candidate with formal training in Biblical studies and one who will hold individual Bible studies with prospective and/or new members with the assistance of our members. Being able to motivate the members and leading by example in personal work is an attribute the men feel is essential along with Bible based lessons. Being able to reach out to, and communicate with the young people in our community is a definite attribute we are seeking in our preacher. The candidate needs to be enthusiastic and self-disciplined. For more information, contact Stephen Harr 724-396-0255 or email (Please include “Ligonier Preacher Search” in the subject line) or send your resume along with your references and a recent audio sermon to:

Ligonier Church of Christ
P.O. Box 186
Ligonier, PA 15658

7/21/2014 Full Time Minister

The Hennessey Church of Christ in Hennessey, Oklahoma seeks a full time minister.  Hennessey is a country town of approximately 2100 people located 65 miles northwest of Oklahoma City.  The congregation is currently approximately 45 members and is growing steadily.  We seek a minister with an outgoing personality and strong, conservative spiritual background.  Bilingual in English and Spanish a plus but not a prerequisite.  Competitive salary and benefits provided. Interested candidates should send a resume to (405)853-2996 or