Ministry Job Opportunities

NOTE: Churches of Christ are welcome to submit ministry opportunities for this site. At the end of three months, if the position is still open, the church may resubmit for a second three-month posting. To post an opening, send job title, detailed job description, other pertinent information and contact information to or via fax to (901) 761-1358. Harding School of Theology reserves the right to edit any posting and we cannot include gender, marital status or age requirements in any posting.

You may find additional ministry postings on the website of our parent institution, Harding University.

7/28/2015 Minister

Lynn Street Church of Christ, 1714 Lynn Street, Parkersburg, WV 26101
Office Phone:  304-428-5145
Contact email address:
Salary Range: Negotiable

We are searching for a man full of the spirit seeking to work full time with a body of believers to help us do God’s will. We are known as “A place to be loved”. We are looking for a man ready to roll up his sleeves and go to work with us in seeking the lost. This position will be open beginning 8/17/2015 but we will diligently seek the right person until the position is filled.

Other contacts are and

7/28/2015 Part Time Preacher

The Oakland Church of Christ in Oakland, TN is currently searching for a part-time preacher.  Oakland is a small, fast growing community, just outside of Memphis, TN.  We are seeking an energetic minister to work with us as we build the congregation spiritually and numerically.  We currently have approximately 50 members, a remodeled building, land for expansion, and a solid group of leaders and members poised to move to a new level.

Sound biblical preaching and teaching skills, together with strong communication and leadership abilities are a must.  Duties will primarily be Sunday morning and evening preaching and morning class. Our ideal candidate will be a family man who is currently pursuing advanced education (PhD or Masters), and could be here for 3 to 5 years, or longer.

Others candidates could include a college professor, or someone who is bi-vocational, or someone who is early retired or a mid-life career changer. Our current compensation package is in the mid-twenties.

Interested men should contact Dan Medley at or Tim Stanz at

7/28/2015 Full Time Pulpit Minister

Oceana church of Christ, located in Virginia Beach VA is looking for a Minister.  We need a dedicated Christian man who will be willing to serve as an Evangelist who Preaches and Teaches. Oceana church of Christ is a small, scriptural and warm church in need of a Minister who can help us grow both spiritually and in size.

Duties include:

  • Minister to the congregation, members, guests and their families.
  • Plan and execute evangelistic ativities to grow our church.
  • Preaching at least 44 and not more than 50 Sunday services.
  • Teaching classes of all age groups.
  • Help the men of the church, as one of them, to guide the congregation.

Please go to our website at to read more about our opening and to download an application.  You may email a resume or any questions you may have to:

7/23/2015  Children’s Minister

The Northside Church of Christ, located in Spokane, Washington, with 220 members and average attendance of roughly 170, is a body of believers who have been called to become like Jesus and who help others become like Jesus. We are a grace-centered, forward-thinking community of faith with a heart for following God and being with Him. We have two elders and one full-time preaching minister.

The Children’s Minister has overall accountability for all aspects of the development, implementation, and continuous improvement of an effective Children’s Ministry designed to help meet the spiritual needs of children through age appropriate learning and activities. Through children-focused activities, we strive to equip our young children to grow into strong men and women of faith.

Please contact Shawn Moore ( for a full job description – Northside’s Children’s Minister job description  You may also contact him at (509)325-2456.

7/22/2015 Youth Minister / Song Leader

The Church of Christ Deer Park, located southeast of Houston is searching for a full time Youth Minister/Song Leader. Applicants should have a degree in Bible from a university, Bible Institute or minimum of 2 years experience as a Youth Minister. He must be mature and tested in his faith. The ideal candidate for the position will be a married man, with a passion for the spiritual growth and development of our youth, ministering to our children of all ages. The Youth Minister should be fully accessible to the youth and their parents and be willing to reach out to non-Christian youth and adults as a means to grow our youth program. The Candidate must be able to lead singing and have a willingness to grow into developing and coordinating worship service activities. Interested applicants should e-mail your resume with references and salary requirements to

7/20/2015 Minister

Rugby Avenue Church of Christ in Charlottesville, VA, is seeking a full-time preaching minister. Duties are focused on preaching, teaching, and visitation. Salary is dependent on experience, with automatic annual cost of living increases, and merit pay raises based on an annual performance evaluation. Attendance is 100-110 each Sunday morning and are looking to work with a minister to enhance our outreach in the community. Charlottesville is a beautiful university town that is consistently rated as one of the best places to live in America. Please forward your resume Taped sermons are appreciated if available. Contact: Clark Coleman (434)284-3002 or

7/20/2015 Youth Minister

The Court Drive Church of Christ in Palestine, TX is a seeking a Youth Minister. For job description, Court Drive Church of Christ Youth Minister – Palestine. For information about the church visit the website at

7/13/2015 Full time Pulpit Minister

Overland Church of Christ, 8875 Lackland Road, Overland, MO  63114
Office Phone:  314-427-4412
Contact email address:
Salary Range: Negotiable

The Overland Church of Christ is seeking a full-time pulpit minister to work with our elders and deacons in ministering to the needs of the Christians in this congregation as well as helping us to reach out to our community.

The successful candidate will bring enthusiasm for teaching the Gospel to the lost in this area as well as teaching and equipping the membership of this congregation to grow in their knowledge of the scriptures and their devotion to God. We prefer an applicant with proven capabilities to be a leader in the congregation, who has sound biblical knowledge, and is able to effectively preach and teach the scripture.  The ideal candidate will be a graduate of one of the Christian (Church of Christ) colleges/universities and possess over 10 years of pulpit preaching experience.  We prefer a family man who will be interested in being an active member of our congregation and capable of interacting with members at all stages of life, including retired individuals, families with children, and adult singles.

The Overland Church of Christ is a long established congregation that has 3 elders and 3 deacons.  We have an average attendance of 100+ every Sunday.  In addition, the congregation operates a highly regarded preschool as a method of serving and reaching out to our community.  If you would like to be considered for the position, please submit your resume and at least 2 recorded sermons via email to the elders at the above listed email address.

6/29/2015 Full-time Pulpit Minister

The South Fork Church of Christ located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina is accepting applications for a full time Pulpit Minister. For information about this position, South Fork Church of Christ.

6/29/2015 Youth Minister

The College Church of Christ in Fresno, California is seeking to fill a Youth Minister. For information on this position, Youth Minister Job Description. Please contact Tannon Pafford by email: or phone:  (559) 970-1816

6/22/2015 Preacher/Evangelist

The Honesdale Church of Christ is seeking a pulpit minister and evangelist. We are a small congregation in Northeastern PA. A qualified applicant is one who is grounded in the scriptures, who enjoys preaching the word and has a plan for outreach to the community. Interested applicants can contact Rod Crane at I will be glad to answer any of your questions. The Honesdale Church of Christ meets at the firehouse at 1200 Bridge Ave in Seelyville, PA about 2 miles from downtown Honesdale.

6/17/2015 Youth & Family Minister

We are advertising for a Youth & Family Minister position opening (Job description attached) at  The University City Church of Christ in Gainesville, FL are accepting inquiries for a Youth & Family Minister. The job description can found at University City church of Christ.  Email resumes to or mail to C/o Donny Dillon, Youth & Family Minister Search Committee Chair, 4626 NW 8 th Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32605.  Office Phone #352-372-4911.

6/15/2015 Preaching Minister

The West Orange Church of Christ, Winter Garden, Florida is seeking a Preaching Minister.  Please visit  for more information on our church family.  If interested, please send your resume, along with links of your sermons to Allen Mann at .

We currently have about 300 members and are positioned for growth in an area of Orlando where the population is booming!  We have Shepherds, Deacons, an Equipping Minister, a Youth Minister and a part time Children’s Minister.

The Candidate for Preaching Minister should possess:

  • A dynamic personality and presence in the pulpit
  • A degree from a University or Preaching School
  • Experience managing change
  • Experience working with a team
  • At least 3-5 years preaching experience

Duties of the Preaching Minister include but are not limited to:

  • Preaching
  • Teaching on Sundays, Wednesdays and at other times such as in Life Groups
  • Working with our Education Director to provide teaching support to our Bible Communities
  • Pastoral Duties such as hospital visitation, counseling, etc.
  • Work with the Shepherds to provide leadership with short and long term planning and implementation
6/15/2015 Preacher/Evangelist

Fairfax Church of Christ is a congregation of 70 members in a growing rural/suburban community 15 miles east of Lexington. The primary responsibilities for this position include evangelizing the Winchester area; preaching two sermons per week; teaching two Bible classes per week; assisting in a growing Lads to Leaders program; and organizing an annual Vacation Bible School and summer lectureship series. Qualifications: Heart for personal evangelism and local missions. Salary Range: negotiable

The essential job functions of this position are as follows:

Evangelize: this position requires a candidate who can develop and administer an effective outreach program in the community. The candidate will be expected to identify and seek opportunities to teach the gospel to non-Christians throughout the community.
Empower: identify and develop members of the congregation who can be trained to carry out evangelistic efforts within the community. Other duties will include training members to increase their faith and become more effective servants in the church.
Edify: encourage a greater sense of faithfulness and personal spiritual growth, as well as encouraging a greater sense of fellowship and community within the congregation.
Preach: deliver two Biblically based sermons per week that serve to enhance spiritual growth within the members of the congregation.
Counsel: provide effective spiritual guidance to members struggling with life problems.
Administration: dealing with the day-to-day needs of the congregation.

Cover Letters and Resumes may be sent to
Fairfax Church of Christ
Winchester, KY 40391
Office Phone: 859-744-8850
Contact: Ron Rigney (859-771-4754); Lane Mynk (859-582-8423)

6/11/2015 Full-Time Minister

The church of Christ in Carlisle, Pennsylvania is seeking to fill our full-time minister position. This work includes regular preaching, teaching Bible classes, facilitating community outreach, and supporting the spiritual growth of the congregation. We are looking for a doctrinally sound man who is passionate for the work of the Lord, and able to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds.  Candidates with experience in successful evangelism activities will be given the most consideration.

Carlisle has a population of approximately 38,000 and is located 20 miles southwest of Harrisburg (the state capitol).  Carlisle is home to the Army War College, a major military school for officers, as well as Dickinson College.  Sunday attendance averages around 140 members and as a congregation, we have a large number of willing workers who desire involvement in outreach in the community and fellowship with one another.

If you are interested in working with a congregation that is full of potential for growth, we invite you to email a cover letter, your resume, and any other documentation you feel may be pertinent to the hiring process to our congregation for consideration to or mail them to Carlisle church of Christ c/o Preacher Search Committee 971 Walnut Bottom Rd, Carlisle, PA 17015

5/29/2015 Pulpit Minister

The church of Christ in Wheeler, Texas is searching for a pulpit minister. We are a congregation of the Lord’s church, with a desire to worship and serve Him in a very Biblical way. We stress the power of God’s grace and encourage the continued growth in active faith among all members of the Lord’s body. We seek to do the entire will of the Father as manifested in the Scriptures and deeply respect the silence thereof. We are non-instrumental and believe firmly in essentiality of repentance and baptism for eternal salvation. We are looking for a pulpit minister with these same values and a desire to embrace our small community with a zeal for evangelism.

Our preference would be to find a married man with some experience as a full-time preacher, with a Biblical degree and a deep knowledge of the scriptures. Our 125 member congregation is diverse in background and age. We have many young families, who will be a major focus of our mutual efforts. We have two elders, Buck Dollar and myself.

Please consider our pulpit position. If you know of a minister who would be a good match for us other than yourself, please put him in contact with us. We know the Lord will be active in our search; and may He richly bless your endeavors as well. For questions or more information, call Stacy McCasland at 806 886-4000 or email

5/26/2015 Part Time Youth Minister

The Memphis Korean Church of Christ in Collierville, TN is seeking a part time youth minister, paid hourly. We are seeking for someone to teach the bible, help students grow spiritually, and lead special activities for our youth grades 6th – 7th. We are looking to a person who is passionate in serving the Lord and not only enjoys but is talented in working with children. If you are interested in this position, please send your resume and cover letter to

Memphis Korean Church of Christ
Youth Minister Search
10615 Collierville Rd
Collierville, TN  38017

5/18/2015 Youth & Family Minister

The Kennewick Church of Christ in Kennewick WA is seeking to fill a full time youth & family minister / teacher position. This work includes teaching Bible classes, facilitating community outreach with the youth and supporting the spiritual growth of our youth ages 3-18. We are looking for a doctrinally sound man who is passionate for the work of the Lord, and able to connect with our youth and their parents as well as the rest of the body. Salary is commensurate with experience & qualifications.

Please send your resume to the elders:

Clarence Bottts:
Jim Money:
Keith Toombs:

5/11/2015 Campus Minister

The Blacksburg church of Christ is looking for a campus minister to lead the campus evangelistic efforts at Virginia Tech and other local colleges.  The applicant must be relatable to college age students and be able to work effectively in the campus environment In order to encourage growth in the Kingdom of God.  The chosen applicant will work closely with the leadership of the Blacksburg church to ensure the students feel important, appreciated and can therefore reach their full potential while pursuing their education.

Campus Ministry Search committee
Curt Seright – Ouitreach minister

Blacksburg Church of Christ
315 SE Eakin St.
Blacksburg, VA 24060

5/7/2015 Youth Minister

The North Heights Church of Christ in Batesville Arkansas is searching for a Youth Minister. Please contact Tony McNabb – Search Committee Chairman at 870-376-6025, or email: to discuss more about the Youth Ministers position, salary, and benefits.
North Height is located at:
200 Warrior Road   Batesville, AR   72501
Attendance : 350    8 elders, 14 deacons

5/6/2015 Pulpit Minister

The Millington Church of Christ in Millington, Tennessee is looking for a pulpit minister.  Millington is located in West Tennessee, 20 miles north of Memphis. We are a diverse congregation with approximately 300+ awesome members, 5 elders, and 9 deacons dedicated to loving God and loving others.  In our Outreach ministry we have on-going programs to give back to our community.

We are looking for a minister whose wife is actively involved with him in his ministry.

Position: Pulpit Minister


  • Enthusiasm for the Lord’s work
  • Desire & Commitment to work under the leadership of the Elders
  • People skills
  • Proven leadership ability

Education: minimum BA in Bible or related field; Master’s Degree preferred

Experience:  Minimum 5 years. Preferred 5+ years at the current congregation

Salary: Competitive

Start Date: TBD

Process: Send cover letter, resume, and references:

5/4/2015 Full-time Pulpit Preacher

The Waukesha Church of Christ in Waukesha, Wisconsin is a small congregation with attendance around 60 each Sunday morning.  We are looking for a pulpit preacher who is willing to be active in the church and community. We have the opportunity for growth and looking for a sound spirit lead preacher to help.  We have a good mix of ages with lots of small children. We will consider a younger preacher but must be biblically sound and not vary form God’s word. To learn more about the Waukesha Church of Christ, visit us at

To apply,  please send resume and any links to sermons taught to: Wade Leverett at or call (303)709-3971.