Kevin Shelby

Kevin ShelbyDr. Kevin Shelby is an Assistant Professor in the Masters of Arts in Counseling Program. He is passionate about training and equipping students to be effectively integrate their faith and their profession to advance the Kingdom here in Memphis. Shelby is currently consulting with the state of Tennessee to provide guidance and assistance with a pilot program designed to keep “at risk” children in their homes. He has a desire to serve children who do not have access to appropriate mental health services and is currently assisting in the establishment of a non-profit agency that will provide those services.

Shelby served as Clinical Director for Wraparound Services of Northeast Louisiana prior to joining the HST family. During his time at the Wraparound he developed skills in training, teaching, management, and staff development which provides him with a rich knowledge and understanding of preparing and equipping counselors in training for the work force. He has worked intensively with troubled adolescents for over ten years and continues to engage in opportunities to serve the community through his wealth of knowledge and experience.

Dr. Shelby’s wife Melissa is a native Memphian and attended both Harding Academy (Memphis) and Harding University. Together they have three children: Nora, Ethan, and Millie. He loves spending time with his family, hunting, fishing, and going to movies. Most of all He is passionate about the Lord Jesus Christ and about building his Kingdom by equipping counselors for ministry.