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W.B. West Lectures

The W.B. West Jr. Lectures for the Advancement of Christian Scholarship honor Dr. W.B. West Jr., founding dean of the School of Theology. Dr. West served the School of Theology as dean until 1972 and as professor of New Testament until his retirement in 1978. These lectures, presented by the Student Association at HST, bring outstanding Christian scholars to the campus to speak on subjects of current interest in the church.

1976            Everett Ferguson

1977            Neil R. Lightfoot

1978            Flavil R. Yeakley, Jr.

1979            Jerry Rushford

1980            Harvey Floyd

1981            Neale Pryor

1982            Carl Mitchell

1983            Dowell Flatt

1984            John T. Willis

1985            Landon Saunders

1986           Abraham J. Malherbe

1987            Frank Pack

1988            Rubel Shelly

1989           James W. Thompson

1990            Jack P. Lewis

1991            Jack Vancil

1992            Richard Hughes

1993            John Mark Hicks

1994            James Walters

1996            John Wilson & Jack Lewis

1997            Leon Sanderson, Jerry Rushford, & Cliff Ganus III

1998           James Walters, Evertt W. Huffard, Charlie Middlebrook, Anthony Wood, and Frank Lott

2000           John Mark Hicks

2001           David Edwin Harrell

2002          Stafford North & Jeff Childers

2002          Carl Holladay

2004          Jack Cottrell

2004         John Wilson

2005         John D. Fortner

2006          Ron Clark

2007          Everett Ferguson

2008          Ron Highfield

2009          Lee Camp

2010          Jack Lewis and John Willis

2011            George Guthrie

But We See Jesus: The Incarnation and the Tensions of Lifepart 1 and part 2

2012           Daniel Rodriguez

           Planting and Nurturing Multiracial/Multiethnic Churches

2013            Richard Oster

New Creation in Revelation