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Harold Hazelip Sermon Archive


The Harold Hazelip Sermon Archive provides free access to every sermon that Hazelip preached at the Highland Street Church of Christ in Memphis. During that era, Hazelip established himself as one of the most recognized figures among Churches of Christ. This collection is a modest, yet significant, portion of Hazelip’s legacy of ministry. Access to this collection was made possible by Dr. Miley Walker, Harding School of Theology, and Highland Church of Christ.

Series Title (Date)Sermon Title   
Worship (1968)Reverence and Godly FearEnter the Straight GateWhat Happens in Worship?The Bible in Worship
Singing as WorshipBetrayed…He Gave ThanksWhen You PrayWhat Jesus Taught About Money
Spirit of New Testament Christianity
Philippians (1968)The Beginning of GospelFellowship of GospelPattern of Gospel Paul's Life in the Gospel
Effects of the Gospel
Basic Christian Doctrine (1968)How Difficult Not to Believe GodIs God Dead?Is the Bible Relevant?The Case for Miracles
Problem of Human Suffering
Religious News (1968)Reformation RevisitedEcumenical Movement
Acts of the ApostlesStop the ChariotNew Eyes for OldWhen Felix "Communed" with Paul
Home (1969)Guideline for the HomeThe Church in Thy HouseThe Generation GapOn Two Becoming One
What Jesus Taught (1970)What Jesus Taught About GodWhat Jesus Taught About HimselfWhat Jesus Taught About the Holy SpiritWhat Jesus Taught About the Kingdom
What Jesus Taught About ManWhat Jesus Taught About Marriage
Interviews of Jesus (1970)Jesus and the Samaritan WomanJesus and ZacchaeusJesus and Nicodemus
Seven Sayings of Jesus (1970)The Word of ConcernA Conversation Between CrossesHis Dearest Human FriendThe Fourth Word: His Anguish
A Sermon from Parched LipsSixth Word: His VictorySeventh Word: His Glory
Seven Character Studies (1970)Our Family Tree: AbrahamOur Family Tree: JacobOur Family Tree: MosesOur Family Tree: Samson
Our Family Tree: SaulOur Family Tree: DavidOur Family Tree: Solomon
The Ten Commandments (1970)The Eternal CompanionA Time for ToleranceWhat's in a NameThe Rest We Need
Love Begins at HomeSacredness of Human LifeThe Problem of Unlocked WedlockThe Dignity of Ownership
The Demand for DecisionTo Tell the Truth
Books of the New Testament (1971)The Five Books of Christ (Matthew)Powerful Son of God (Mark)The Great Physician (Luke)The Fourth Witness (John)
Man's Disorder and God's Design (Romans)Church in a Pagan World (1 Corinthians)Ministry of Reconciliation (2 Corinthians)In Christ (Ephesians)
Christ Over All (Colossians) Christian Minister (Timothy and Titus)When Men are at Odds (Philippians)
The House Divided (James)The Epistle of Hope (1 Peter)Guarding and GrowingLight, Life, and Love (1 John)
Dealing With Christian Subversives (2 John)Big Man in a Little Church (3 John)Religion vs. Morality (Jude)Fire on the Earth (Revelation)
Sermon on the Mount (1971)Reversing our ValuesLight and SecrecyThe Christian and the Old OrderPray Like This
Piling up the PerishableTrust and TranquilityPerils of JudgingTwo Ways and Two Trees
Worship and Work
Life of Christ (1971)Jesus' Early LifeThe Temptation (Christ's)Christ as TeacherMen Who Opposed Jesus
The Last WeekThe TrialThe CrucifixionThe Resurrection
Search for Christ (1971)Search for Christ: BibleSearch for Christ: Lord's Supper and BaptismSearch for Christ: Human Need
Systematic Doctrine (1972)Christ CrucifiedThe TrinityThe ChurchDestiny of Man
Resurrection Makes it all WorthwhileWhat Spirit Says to Church
Parables (1972)Our Seeking GodGod's Kingdom in God's WorldHearing and DoingWeeds Among the Wheat
The Unfinished TowerThe Foot of the TableForgiveness is not CheapGod Called Him a Fool
Having a Neighbor or Being One?Not Dressed for the WeddingThe Sin of the WorldThe Cry at Midnight
Vices and Virtues (1972)PrideEnvyAngerSloth
Genesis (1972)Creation and FallCain and AbelNoahAnd Abram Journeyed On
Lot: He Wanted Things EasyThe Lord Will ProvideClimbing Jacob's Ladder