Youth Ministry

Teens aren’t shallow. Youth ministry shouldn’t be, either.

Teens aren’t shallow – they’re asking deep questions about providence and suffering, apologetics, and the validity of Scripture. Are you equipped to ground your teens with a meaningful, vibrant relationship with God? Will your teens stand firm in the midst of the spiritual variety of our culture?

At Harding School of Theology, youth ministers are theologically grounded. They explore God’s Word deeply, treading paths where they can lead others. The ministry leadership skills forged here better equip youth ministers for the rigorous tasks of evangelism, motivation and spiritual formation of young people for service in the Kingdom. HST graduates are well-prepared for great influence in congregational life and direction.

The Master of Divinity offers the richest skillset for a lifetime of ministry and leadership. Another alternative is the M.A. in Christian Ministry for Youth Ministry. The MACM offers a distance learning option which allows students anywhere in the world to work toward their MACM without moving to Memphis, and works well in conjunction with a youth ministry apprenticeship.

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