Grad2012-37Core Courses:

  • BNEW 5231 Gospel of Mark
  • BMIS 5901 Spiritual Leadership
  • BMIN 5850 Congregational Ministry
  • MFT 5730 Counseling Skills
  • BDOC 5400 Systematic Theology

Non-core Courses:

  • BMIN 5810 Sermon Development and Delivery
  • BNEW 5230 Basic New Testament Exegesis
  • BMIS 5910 Global Evangelism
  • BMIN 5906 Managing Conflict in Ministry

Degree Option:

  • BMIN 5990 Advanced Theological Research

Students planning to enter a master’s program at HST must take this course on the HST campus in Memphis. It is available in a one-week intensive format. It will substitute for any non-core course.

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