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Across The Bridge – Spring 2014

June 10, 2014 | Written by Matt Carter

The Bridge Spring 2014 offers an inside look at the community of HST. Here are some photos, links, and a video that take you across the bridge.

HST and Harding Bible Faculty meet for dinner in Wynne, AR
A community that studies!
A community that eats together
A community that celebrates! Pi Day (3.14)
A community that likes being together
A community that worships together
Big fish!
Graduates sharing their experience
The Class of 2014
A community that gardens


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Across the Bridge – Winter 2014

March 21, 2014 | Written by Matt Carter

This episode of Across the Bridge takes you a little deeper on some of the people and topics covered in the Winter 2014 Issue of The Bridge.

New Lewis Scholarship in honor of Henry and Grace Farrar

Igbo Association Nashville Honors Dr Henry and Grace Johnson Farrar for their Great Missionary Works in Nigeria

Heroes of Medical Missions: Dr. Henry Farrar

Articles by students, alumni, and friends

Article by HST MDiv student Joseph Horton: A Different Way to Pray in Leaven 21, # 4 (Fall 2013): 215-219.

Clint Burnett’s article is not available without a subscription to Neotestamentica, but you may read more about Clint here.

You may read Shaul Bar’s article dedicated to Quintin Baker here.

Chapel Talks

These links are the full texts of some sermons our students have preached in chapel this year on our theme, New Creation.

Jake Chism: New Creation

Steven Gaines: New Creation Through Conflict

Steven Gaines: Such Big Branches

Brandon Moore: Community Formation

Rob O’Lynn: I Make All Things New

Bob Perez: The New Creation

John Turner: YOLO

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Across The Bridge – Fall 2013: Change, Fellowship, Mentoring

December 9, 2013 | Written by Matt Carter

The Fall 2013 issue of the Bridge covered Dr. Evertt W. Huffard’s transition from VP/Dean to dean, Beng Chuan Tan’s thoughts about his semester in Memphis, and an article about our apprenticeship program.

Beng Chuan TanBeng Chuan Tan was the first Hogan-Cate Asian Mission Sabbatical recipient. The Hogan-Cate endowment covers expenses for a ministry leader in Asia to spend a semester at HST for equipping and renewal. Beng Chuan spent the semester participating fully in the life of our campus as well as at Harding University in Searcy. He traveled in Texas, Illinois, and within Tennessee making connections with others in the US who are involved in Asian missions.

His thoughts were excerpted in the Bridge article. You may read his full article here.

In addition to the student “Thank-you Notes” for scholarship donors that were published in the Bridge, here are a few more:

Luke DockeryMy graduate school education has been a tremendous blessing to me and, by extension, to my church family, but as wonderful as) it is, it would simply not be financially possible for me to pursue a graduate degree without your generous support. — Luke Dockery, M.Div. student (Associate Minister, Farmington Church of Christ)

bowenIt’s hard to describe how important HST has been for my ministry. The knowledge, experience, insight and fellowship I’ve enjoyed there has been VITAL. You (donor) are a part of every victory won in the name of Christ. My family is transitioning from a stateside ministry to foreign missions in SE Asia. We’ll be there for some years, praying constantly that we might see God plant hundreds of churches and make thousands of obedient disciples. I invite you to pray with us to this end. You (donor) are, after all, already a part of everything we’ll be allowed to do by the God who sends us in His name. – Michael Bowen, M.Div. student

Thank you so much for your willingness to sacrifice in the hopes of blessing those you might never meet. — Russell Taylor, M.A. in Christian Ministry student

Femi OsibinYour support shows that you understand what it means to be participants in the gospel. My prayer for you all is that you will be assured in the fact that you are not only helping someone in the present, but by helping preachers reach their full potential, you are blessing congregations in the future. – Femi Osibin, M.Div. student

I hope and pray that you are filled with peace because of the impact your donations are making in the lives of students like me and the kingdom work that happens as a result of the academic work at HST. – Bob Palmer, M.Div. student


Spreading the Word Abroad! HST alumni Yoshiya (MAR ’94) and Emiko Noguchi (MDiv ’97) and their children sport HST “Run for the Son” t-shirts in Japan. Dwight Albright (MTh ’74 and MA ’77) took the photo on a recent visit.

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Dr. Bruce McLarty


The Summer 2013 Issue of The Bridge welcomed Dr. Bruce McLarty, Dr. Jim Martin, and Dr. Carlus Gupton to the HST Administration and Faculty.

Dr. McLarty, the fifth president of Harding University, earned the M.Th. degree at HST in 1982. His inauguration will be held September 20th on the Searcy campus. You may read his bio, offer congratulations, and learn about the events surrounding the inauguration here.

Follow Dr. McLarty on Twitter.

Dr. Martin will serve as the first full-time vice-president on the Memphis campus. Here is the press release announcing his appointment to this position.

Here are some of Dr. Martin’s thoughts about coming to HST:

You may also follow Dr. Martin on Twitter, or follow his blog posts at Dr. Martin also serves as a Community Leader on Michael Hyatt’s Leadership Blog.

Dr. Carlus Gupton


Dr. Gupton has been an adjunct professor of ministry at HST for over a decade, and comes full time for the Spring 2014 semester. Gupton, currently professor of Church Leadership at Johnson University, has spent 20 years preaching in Tennessee and Alabama, and has also taught at the University of Tennessee School of Communication Studies.

Read an article from a previous Bridge about his LifeAndLeadership website.

Follow Dr. Gupton on Twitter.

Video: B. Chris Simpson, HST student, on the true meaning of “Deeper Faith. Higher Standards.” Hint: BBQ!

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The Spring 2013 issue of The Bridge featured comments from HST alumni on the value of graduate theological education. Due to space constraints, we could only include a few of those statements. Here are additional thoughts to take you beyond the printed page.



Timothy Gunnells

My education raised my level of patience and has helped me to persevere even under difficult circumstances. I gained not only knowledge, but a deeper appreciation of people. The farther along I went in my theological education, the more humble I became in my approach to ministry.

Kevin Jensen

Graduate education blessed me like an inheritance from a rich uncle. My peers in undergraduate studies and in preacher training schools received good increases in knowledge, perspectives, and skills through their education, but I got more through mine. I received what they got, but was taken deeper and broader. The rigors of graduate study stretched me so that I grew in dependence on God and in self-discipline. Since my graduation twelve years ago, I’ve frequently been grateful for HST’s network of peer and faculty relationships and library support that continues to provide me and my church with new resources and training opportunities for ministry today.



James Nesmith

Graduate theological education has changed my life as a minister in two ways. First, it has humbled me to appreciate all that I do not know. In ministry, preachers are challenged to have all the answers; to offer conclusive, rigid, and unaltering truths and proclamations. This can lead to a pat perspective in which the minister feels that he knows all he needs to know and can refrain from the exploration of additional or competing thoughts and ideas.

This leads me to the second impact of graduate theological education upon my life. We live in an information age. While a preacher is in the pulpit, members can be on their smartphones Googling the information he is presenting to ensure its accuracy. The training I received at HST in critical thinking, research methods, analytical comparison, and theological reflection enables me, by God’s grace, to speak with accuracy and confidence. I do not have all the answers, but the answers I have are sure and solid even as I work my way toward additional answers. This confident progression is appreciated by the congregation, and we move together toward greater understanding and application of the word of God as we engage in his service in downtown Richmond.

James T. Wood

I see the benefit of my education in two veins. On the one side, I was forced to grapple with the deeper issues of faith and ministry and equipped to find the answers. On the other side, I was connected to an invaluable network of ministry partners around the globe that are graciously willing to help me.
I do see one major flaw with graduate education in theology that needs to be addressed: the overwhelming emphasis on academics over application has a tendency to erode spiritual health while it strengthens intellectual ability. We can’t sacrifice one for the other. We need to train ministers who are both spiritually filled and academically prepared.

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Across the Bridge, Winter 2013 – Reflections from Africa

March 1, 2013 | Written by Matt Carter

In the Winter 2013 issue of The Bridge, Dr. Evertt W. Huffard, Dean and Vice President, wrote of the seven weeks he spent in Africa with 26 sophomores in the Harding in Zambia program. His full report begins:

Many, if not most, of the roads we traveled in Africa were long, rough, and dusty – but not without time for reflection and imagination. The acacia trees became one of my favorite scenes in Africa. When I saw them scattered out, standing alone in the distance, I imagined the earth lifting its hands to honor the Creator. The intensity of the sun on the equator, the incredible array of wild life, the power of Victoria Falls, and influence of the Nile River reflected a Creator worth praising. But it was the people of the land and the people of the kingdom that impressed me even more.

Read the entire mission report here.

Read The Bridge, Winter 2013.

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