Bible, Ministry, and Theology

At the intersection of head, heart, and hands.


Our best theology manifests itself in real world ministry. With a focus on applying our studies in service to the church, HST provides an urban context for doing the art of ministry — even as a student.


Our best ministry flows from deep understanding of God and his mission. HST offers rich academic resources and a supportive community dedicated to the ministry of study.

Where are you going?
Are you a Specialist?

You know where you are going and want to focus on getting there. The MA in Christian Ministry is a practical degree emphasizing application in a specialized ministry context, such as youth, campus, or missions.

Your Foundation for Life

You want to spend your life in ministry. You look forward to leadership in a broad range of contexts outside the limits of your setting. You need a base that is broad and deep to equip you for the journey. The Master of Divinity degree is a foundational degree for ministry leadership, emphasizing both scholarship and practical sides of ministry

Do you just love to study?

You are a scholar. Even the word “research” gets your blood pumping. The Master of Arts is a focused academic study in Old Testament, New Testament, Historical Theology, Systematic Theology, or New Testament Backgrounds and Archaeology. This is not a practical ministry degree – but without these scholars, our practical ministry wouldn’t be nearly as effective.

Adding more wisdom to your experience

You have earned your Master of Divinity and have been working in a ministry setting. It’s time to sharpen your skills and take your ministry to a new level. The Doctor of Ministry builds on the Master of Divinity after post-MDiv ministry experience. You continue to work in your ministry and focus on growing in a particular area.

Education for Adults

Studying in a graduate-student-only context frees you to focus on your academic and ministry goals and your own spiritual formation. Faculty teach only graduate courses, and your peers are as committed as you are to kingdom service.