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W. S. Long Exhibit at HST Library

October 31, 2016 | Written by Matt Carter


The Library is currently hosting a modest exhibition of materials from the collection of W.S. (William Slaughter) Long, who preached in for the Union Avenue Church of Christ from 1946-1957. It features personal letters, late 19th-century photographs, and hand-written sermons. The materials on display represent the type of pieces contained in the larger collection in the archive.


The materials will remain on display through the rest of the semester. Please come by and see these interesting pieces. Students, faculty, staff, and community guests are welcome to view the W.S. Long collection, in addition to any other documents in the archive, during all hours when the library is open.

The following is a prayer from a sermon Long preached during WWII:

long-bookThou God and Sovereign of all nations, Thou King of kings and Lord of hosts, in these perilous times, when all the powers of hate have been loosed to kill and to destroy, we pray that Thy Spirit through the Bible may steady the minds and guide the hearts of those who call themselves by thy name, acknowledging Thee as Father. We pray especially for the President of these United States, on whom has been laid heavy burdens and grave responsibilities, as he speaks for our country and to its people. Renew his strength as daily his burdens increase. Give him wisdom and understanding that cometh only from above. Show him Thy will in thy Bible. Out of the conflict of counsel may Thy voice come unto him saying, “This is the way- walk ye in it.” And as Thy will is revealed, increase his faith, so he may go forth in consciousness of having fulfilled the task committed to him. And we pray that he, with us shall seek above all things to honor and glorify Thee. Hasten the day when thy will may be done on earth as it is done in heaven; and that the rule of the spirit of brotherhood may live in the hearts of all peoples, so that all nations may dwell together in peace and unity- Amen.

Long’s obituary in the Gospel Advocate noted that he was active into his 80’s when health forced him to retire from an “extremely active ministry which covered a little more than sixty years of continuous preaching and teaching, during which time he perhaps preached more sermons, held more meetings, established more congregations, and helped to build more meetinghouses than any other one preacher in the brotherhood contemporary with his ministry.” (Gospel Advocate, vov. XCIX, no. 27, July 4, 1957, p. 430).

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