HST Adds Distance Option for MA in Counseling

March 14, 2016 | Written by Matt Carter

Students attend class from around the world.

Students attend class from around the world.

Beginning Fall 2016, HST will offer the MA in Counseling and the Certificate in Church Counseling programs to distance students through our streaming live interactive classroom (SLIC). As a distance student, you will remotely attend weekly classes that meet on campus along with local students. You will participate in live class discussions (in real time) along with students in a physical classroom.


Therapy is as much a performing art as it is a social science. Our live streaming format lets us help you develop your therapeutic performance.

– Dr. Kevin Shelby

SLIC uses an online platform that allows you to interact with professors and students more frequently than with traditional online formats. With SLIC, you are on a screen at the front of the class visible to the students and professor. On your monitor at home, you see the classroom as well as the other distance students. When you speak in class, the camera is situated so that the local students are looking right at you, making virtual eye contact. This allows for more nuanced communication as both you and your classmates can see facial expressions and other body language. Responding to a professor’s questions and illustrations or asking your own questions about classroom material is essentially like being in the room.

As a distance student, you are also able to participate in classroom leadership. For example, in many counseling courses students research a topic and present their findings in the classroom. You are able to present slides and videos to the class just as the local students do, receiving immediate feedback from both peers and the professor. Live interaction and immediate feedback allow the professor to help you build the relational skills you need to effectively engage your clients.


Classes meet for a three-hour block of time one day each week on our regular HST schedule. You are present and engaged for the entire class period.

The MA in Counseling includes four one-week-intensive classes on our Memphis campus. This is a total of four weeks in Memphis over the course of your program.

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The Bridge – Winter 2016

March 1, 2016 | Written by Matt Carter

…show honor to those you should honor. (Romans 13.7)

Drs. Evertt and Ileene Huffard

Drs. Evertt and Ileene Huffard

A thread running throughThe Bridge, Winter 2016 is honoring those to whom we owe honor.
HST honors:

  • Missionaries. Read David Allen’s reflections on the sabbatical semester he and his family enjoyed at HST.
  • Preachers. Dr. Allen Black wrote about the “extraordinarily difficult task” preachers have serving as a local theologian.
  • Drs. Evertt and Ileene Huffard. HST honored the Huffards at the 2015 Leadership Council Dinner for their lives of global service to the kingdom.

All of this as well as news and updates from students, faculty, and staff, in the Winter 2016 issue of The Bridge.

Don’t forget to go Across the Bridge for media content not included in the print edition as well as links to resources mentioned in The Bridge.

Read other issues of The Bridge.

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Across the Bridge – Winter 2016

March 1, 2016 | Written by Matt Carter

huffard3 huffard2 huffard1 HST Girl's Night Allens_2 Allens_1
The Huffard Family
Huffard Dinner
Drs. Evertt and Ileene Huffard
HST Girls' Night Out
Asian Missions Sabbatical: The Allen Family
David and Michelle Allen


Dr. Gray’s 12 Conversations for Leaders who Last

The American Academy of Religion

The Society of Biblical Literature


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