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Across the Bridge Fall 2015

November 23, 2015 | Written by Matt Carter

This issue of Across the Bridge expands articles and information from The Bridge, Fall 2015.

HST welcomes Lance Hawley to the Bible department. Hawley will be teaching Old Testament and Hebrew language courses. Hawley featured (along with Bob Turner and Kevin Shelby) in a recent video sent to HST alumni and shown at the HST Alumni Luncheon at the recent Harding Lectureship. Get to know him and Dr. Shelby!


HST congratulates Dr. Dave Bland on the publication of his new book, Proverbs and the Formation of Character, available here from Amazon.

Bland has written extensively on the book of Proverbs and teaches a course titled “Wisdom Literature and Character Formation for Congregations” (syllabus) in the HST Doctor of Ministry program. As a part of that course, Bland created short videos outlining some of the Proverbs as they relate to an issue in character formation. Here is his video on Gluttony.

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