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HST Prof. Mark Powell Releases New Book

October 31, 2014 | Written by Matt Carter


Congratulations to HST Theology professor Dr. Mark E. Powell on the publication of his new book, Centered in God: The Trinity and Christian Spirituality (available here through the HST Amazon store). This book introduces Christianity’s most central belief, the doctrine of the Trinity, by exploring how the Trinity shapes key aspects of Christian faith and spirituality.
In the early church the Trinitarian vision of God was foundational for Christian identity, unity, and spirituality. For many Christians today, however, the Trinity is viewed as unreasonable and impractical. What exactly is the doctrine of the Trinity, and why is it so central to Christian faith and life?

From the book’s cover:

We have an abundant supply of books on the Trinity that only professional theologians can understand. Mark Powell’s Centered in God is quite different: a book on the Trinity—“the Christian vision of God,” as he rightly puts it—that an ordinary Christian can easily understand and profit from. Powell’s special achievement is to show clearly how the Trinitarian vision of God can shape the whole Christian life and everyone’s journey of faith. Scripturally rich, theologically accurate, and spiritually perceptive, this book is a tremendous resource not only for pastors, teachers, and students, but for all Christians who want to deepen their relationship with God.

Bruce D. Marshall
Lehman Professor of Christian Doctrine
Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University

Centered in God is an accessible introduction to the Trinitarian vision of God and its implications for the Christian life. It not only presents the doctrine of the Trinity as formulated by the early church, but also leads readers to know and worship the Trinity, and live in light of the Christian understanding of God. Further, it proposes that recovering the central place of the Trinity could lead to theological and spiritual renewal in the church today.

More than an introduction to the Trinity, Centered in God is a primer on Christian faith and spirituality that will deepen your walk with God.

Dr. Powell is Associate Professor of Theology at HST and also preaches at Cordova Community Church of Christ. He has taught at HST since 2002. His previous book, Papal Infallibility: A Protestant Evaluation of an Ecumenical Issue, is the only book-length study on the subject from a non-Catholic scholar in the past century.

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