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Church Audit Courses for Fall 2013

July 16, 2013 | Written by Matt Carter

HST is offering three enticing church audit courses for Fall 2013. Church audit courses are one way that HST serves local churches. This program blesses congregations which support the school with at least $1200/year ($100/month). Members of these congregations may audit select courses each semester for $25 per course. That’s right – members of these supporting churches can attend the same graduate courses as credit students and learn from world class professors for next to nothing!

An auditor takes a course, but does not receive credit. Some auditors will read all of the assigned texts and even take the exams, others will simply come to the class meetings to hear the lectures.

Fall 2013 Church Audits
Dr. C. Philip SlateGlobal Evangelism: Dr. C. Philip Slate
Mondays, 6-8:45 pm, August 19 – December 9.

An introduction to historical, biblical and cultural aspects of worldwide evangelism, with the purposes of both preparing individuals for service as missionaries and assisting sending churches in their tasks. This involves a survey of principles, methods and practical aspects of developing and maintaining a missions ministry in a local church.

Acts: Dr. Richard E. Oster, Jr.
Thursdays, 6:00 – 8:45 pm, August 22 – December 12.

The purpose of this course is to involve students in the exegesis of selected texts of Acts as well as give them a general knowledge of the content of Acts, of critical “introductory topics,” and of important theological/doctrinal issues.

Dr. Edward J. RobinsonAmerican Restoration Movement: Dr. Edward J. Robinson

This course meets in the one-week-intensive format, October 7-12. Class meets Monday-Friday 8:15-4:00 and Saturday 9:00-noon.

This course surveys the American Restoration Movement from its beginnings with Thomas and Alexander Campbell, Barton W. Stone, and Walter Scott (1800-1830s) through the turbulent years of division (1870-1920s) to the contemporary church of Christ, giving attention to both historical circumstances and theological development

How do I participate?

To help your congregation join this program, contact the Advancement Office at or by calling 901-761-1355.

Click here to register for a course.

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